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Hi Fallon!  

Also in Knoxville, and also active.  Cum join us!

So, I'm asking for input from the entire state of TN on this thread.....

How about sort of like an introductory thread?  

If your in TN hobbyist or provider; let us know what city your in, generally or how close you feel comfortable with saying, and roughly how active you are in the hobby?  

Ladies who tour TN, please join in as well.  (since I'm in that category)  LOL

I will start by saying I'm Falon Kelly and I'm home based on the AL/GA border near Auburn AL!  
I have visited and will tour the state of TN regularly.

Great post Fallon, and Welcome to the TN Board. You can call me Ray and I'm in Knoxville and am fairly active in the hobby.

I am Terri Lynn. I am based out of Atlanta but do come to Tennessee sometime. I am VERY active lol!!
Hugs and kisses

A Traveling provider based out of North Carolina but I do travel to Tennessee. Feel free to visit my website for more information about me!

xoxo Miss A

I just love TN.It's my second home since 2005.Got tired of the hurricanes in Fl.I visit as much as I can ,just been there 4 weeks.In ti Cities.Love the friendly people,everybody waves whe I go walking in the morning.Love the hospitality.It's as if the sun is always shining.Met some great gents & ladies in TN.I keep comming back ,now for the change of colors in the fall.I'm in Tn about  50 percent the other 50 % Florida .See you real soon TN,love you guys.xooxxoxokisses Val

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