Heads Up on this TS
ts_worshipper 28473 reads

Just noticed a wide gap in the 3 reviews of TS Kayla from LA.
The first by Caktus is very negative, but Caktus seems to be a long time TER member. The next two are by reviewers who have just one review and praise Kayla skyhigh.
This seems to be another incident where providers use fake reviews to counter the negative reviews they have received by established TER hobbyists.

tamimonroe28159 reads

just noticed the wide time gap in between the last time kayla was genuinely reviewed in march and your oh so current, yet oh so inaccurate player hating remark. i happen to know for a fact , that this cakttus fellow is not only all about some negative energy towards kayla, but has made it a point(with all the freetime he obviously has) to slander kayla and keep her eliminated through sister boards such as! (read his last post on the site and see what it pertains to, and see whos post was DELETED only hours b4 that). And to think, if this caktus fellow does exist, kayla so accurately reminded me of who,where,when, and why there was conflict, i beleive your little term is bb- or whatever, you know,NO  CONDOMS!  and on that note id like to have a moment of silence, for all our working girls  that have since died in the" line of  duty" because of that one person they neglected to practice safe sex with.  As far as i'm concerned I know where I'd love to stick a cactus on you!     good day sir    xxxtamimonroexxx

tamimonroe23106 reads

and on another cloud, i'd like to point out that with my vip access, ive discovered that mister trusty old "caktus" his or her last review was of  my roommate, kayla coxx, until then,  he was posting once or twice monthly oh so religeously for a long time....  that was in february... what happened???, this hopefully is might get to be the first time ive ever heard of an old caktus dying!!!!!! i now resign as perry mason and will return back to my elegant room to check my full guest list and voicemail  at ms. sheri's ranch in los vegas! i cant wait to tell kayla!

I was one of the positive postings, and I stand by my review entirely... Kayla is hot... actually better than in her pics. She is also amazingly sexual... She was one of the first TS providers I have seen, and that is why I have only that review. I have also seen Kim Devine, and have nothing but good things to say about her as well... I just haven't had time to post a review. If you don't believe all this--- go see her!

latenxfour20805 reads

I confess I've been hesitant to visit Ms. Kayla due to what I THOUGHT was a reliably negative review. With your reasonable encouragement, I intend to contact her soon. btw, when will YOU be back in l.a. for a potential 3way meeting? xo :-)

as soon as I (or anyone here) DOES see Kayla, please post, if not a review, at least a 'heads up' here. thanks. meanwhile, play nice (and safe).

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