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Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll put you're advice to good use. You're great.

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I love nipples -- I could lick and suck 'em all day. I hate to favor one over the other so I try to be fair. Is equal time -- and equal effort -- necessary? You see, I'm an anal kind of guy when in comes to symmetry; if my left arm got chopped off I'd probably have my right arm amputated. Do ladies prefer that we pay equal attention to her mammillae? Sometimes, because of positioning, it's awkward to switch.

Love Goddess, please help.

- AnalNipSucker

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How yummy of you BBrain, to be so generous about your nipple sucking! Mmmm....try this one: Start with one nipple. When you get the signal to switch, do it. Repeat procedure with different lady. Keep going until your tongue (or wallet, if paying) falls apart. No, just kidding :-. Seriously, all women are different. I seem to favor my left nipple over my right one, but after a while, I do want to switch. And then go back and forth. Remember though, that some women have had some mammary enhancements and that such procedures can render the entire areolar area numb and insensitive, either temporarily or permanently (not great, but it happens.) So in such a case, one nipple may be more sensitive than the other. And honey, keep the Anal out of this area...lest you'll mistakenly be called an ***hole :-D

Luvya, Nippleholic,
Love Goddess

Thanks for your prompt reply. I'll put you're advice to good use. You're great.

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You DON'T want to hear me sing like Bob Hope!  ;)
(The louder the groan the better the pun!)

Maybe the left nipple is prefered because it is closer to the heart.

Then maybe smaller breast are more sensitive because they have a higher density of neurons than larger breasts.

Not sure, but I am continuing my research!

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and lying to the girl's left it is easier to squeeze her left breast with my right hand and lick her right breast. It's uncomfortable to switch, because that means rolling over her, and I'm kind of fat. I'd hate to squish her, but also don't want to cause numbness in either of her nipples by over attention to one rather than the other. Any suggestions?

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