Where did I go wrong??
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I started looking for a date last Wednesday and settled on one and then she cancelled on me last minute and then I found another provider I wanted to see and she said she would be available at 09:00 pm so I stopped looking and waited. 9:30 rolls around and she cancels. I text another provider  I wanted to see and she tells me she won't take clients after 11:00 pm and that my location would not allow me to make it by then. WTF over!!!  Did I begin the search process to early, to late??  Here it is Sunday night and I'm without a date

you obviously are shopping in the wrong place!  Btw, it says u have 2 reviews u have written but if I try n see what girls u have reviews it comes up telling me u have no reviews!  What gives?

Next time, call us!  Having probably booked 10,000 plus appointments, I have had to cancel maybe 2 or 3!

I'm not sure why it's telling you I have no reviews. Sounds like a TER malfunction. I will certainly check you out next time. Thanks.

Apollo-x590 reads

When providers delist themselves (or get delisted), they will disappear from our sights. Your review # will stay the same. Since you did write two reviews, that # will not drop if they are delisted.

That makes total sense because neither one of the providers are around anymore. That really suck though.

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