Is it true..........
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that not too many guys are interested in seeing African American providers? Just curious

....from my sight, many choose from there assets and not ethnicity. Why in the world would one limit oneself?

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that not too many guys are interested in seeing African American providers? Just curious

While it is true that every gentleman has the right to have his own preference, (just like in the regular dating wold) there are MANY men who do not see in terms of color when choosing who they want to spend time with. There are also many men who's flavor of preference is chocolate. At the end of the day, I'm an African American provider who has no issues whatsoever with my business. I have friends who see me for who I am, and maybe even some who see me simply because of WHAT I am. Either way, I only see my race as the icing on the cake.

Some do, some don't....

If you're a cutie and you provide great service, it won't be an issue.

Personally, I love all women.  In our fair city, we are blessed with gorgeous, talented providers including all the colors of the rainbow!  White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Eastern European-Russian, etc. Why would one limit oneself to one ethnicity?  I, personally, have experienced just about all of the colors of the Chicago pallet with a few exceptions.  I plan on experiencing them soon.  And I especially like African American women!  Viva la Difference!!

in Chicago.  And had a few more on my list that -- for one reason or another -- never worked into my schedule (or vice versa).

Some of the hottest and friendliest ladies I've met have been African-American.  

How does the old saying go, "Once you go . . . . . "    LOL.

And, yes, it is definitely true that some hobbyists actually prefer the chocolate variety.  I've got a buddy who has often messaged me with recommendations.

It is not the color of your skin but the content of your service that matters.

Are there guys who will not see African American providers? Sure....Just like ladies who will not see people of color and state so in their ads.

I think this hobby is intensely personal and people are entitled to their preferences. But if someone decides not to book just because of the color of the skin and not the service, it's their loss.

I've been wanting to see an African American or mixed race woman for a while.  Have almost made the call to set something up with Ahvani on a few occasions (she looks way hot to me). There is one other AA woman I am seriously considering seeing. I have been wanting to scratch that itch for a while, but i also have to mention I am looking for a certain look. I love dark petite and exotic. I LOVE spinners. But I'm not a fan of too many or too large or just plain ugly or poorly placed tattoo's and i find this to be more of an issue when browsing pics of the chocolate variety. I dont know if this is real or not, or just my twisted perception but I have decided not to see quite a few AA women based solely on ugly poorly placed ink.


I've seen Ahvani. Great provider!

To each his own but you sound too hooked up on black or white for it to be comfortable for either of you. Women are the same no matter what race. You either find them sexy an attractive or you don't. I think Asian women are the most beautiful in general but I have not met one yet that is more beautiful than the top five most beautiful escorts I have met.

Have seen many women but the best 4 or 5 evenings have been provided by the ebony ladies I have met.

Best Kisser: Just happened to be an ebony provider
Best Sex: Just happened to be an ebony provider
Most fun provider overall: Just happened to be an ebony provider
Most Beautiful: Just happened to be an ebony provider
Sexiest: Just happened to be a non-ebony provider
Best Body: Just happened to be an ebony provider
Best Massage: Just happened to be a non-ebony provider
Best BBBJ: Just happened to be a non-ebony provider

I've seen AA women and they are a fav. Of course if it's warm and still moves I might try her no matter what race she is :)

so I went back and "reviewed" my reviews.  I have 111 with credit for 101 (multiple reviews, delisted providers, etc.).

I think of myself of having a real soft spot for beautiful women of any race (or is that hard spot?).  Anyway I also actively look for ebony women.

In my quick count I have about 21 ebony ladies reviewed out of my 111 (101 official) total.  I only counted ones I knew for sure - hey, at my age, things are getting fuzzy in terms of memory.  I think 20% indicates that I am a non-discriminatory hound.  :)  Most recently saw Jayda Noir and would see her again.

I also have a real soft spot for Asians - but that is a whole different story (see thread below I guess).

bbTna real life or this arena.

While some men prefer a certain race, others simply prefer beautiful women no matter their skin color.

I am grateful for the wonderful men I have met over the years.


Opposites attract, ALOT, and many men have not encounters in their day to day with a certain race of woman so that is their hot fantasy and that is true of all race combinations.....

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