Usually not a good sign when she pulls out the crossword puzzle either -eom-
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fill in the blank: "During DATY I generally {or especially} [want/like/dislike/lose track of time/ or ...]"

...I'll be very interested in the replies.  Hopefully we won't see "creating a grocery list" or something equally scathing...

I enjoy pleasing the woman probably more than being pleased . I laugh at the craziness of me paying for her enjoyment . It is what it is , and it makes me happy , so oh well .
Unfortunatly I am a 45 year old man who has been " sex less " for his entire life so I have no idea what I am doing .
Shyness keeps me from asking what she likes so that had been a dead end road :(
The suggestions you have given here are VERY welcolmed by me and HOPEFULLY the next provider I see .
Every woman is different , but the few responses so far have given me a general blueprint that I have entered in my memory bank for sure !

move into the 69 position for the mutually satisfying finish. Enjoy!

I love it when the guy gets really into it, using his whole mouth rather than just the tip of his tongue. Gentle sucking while licking will really get me going. I do enjoy fingers from time to time, but find that many men are too rough for my taste. Gentle rubbing on the g-spot while you lick and suck on my clit is great, but trying to jam your whole hand up my vagina really doesn't feel good. Neither does spreading my pussy lips as wide as you can. You are stretching the sensitive skin around my clit and it hurts and definitely won't allow me to enjoy what you are trying to do for me.

Also, if I move to position your tongue better to get me to that big O, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't try to reposition yourself back to where YOU think it feels best for me. Trust me, I know what I am doing and it will save you some time and effort since I refuse to fake an orgasm during a session ;)

I also LOVE having my nipples licked, pinched and sucked, sometimes a little rough, before and during DATY. You will most definitely see me playing with them if you look up from down below... ;)


Posted By: p-bee
fill in the blank: "During DATY I generally {or especially} [want/like/dislike/lose track of time/ or ...]"

Like Bella said in the previous post, "is better when he uses the entire mouth rather the tip of his tongue", avoiding touching with your teeth (remember there is a bone there, ouch!); just like guys, the wetter the better, and the combination between licking the clitoris while you are also sucking the outside (lips): is a mind-blowing experience!!  ah!  about the fingers, they needs to be very moist and soft before entering. Personally, I only the right pressure on the G-spot... dislike the fingering...

I just got goosebumps thinking/imaging it :)

Have a good rest of the week gents!  


And thanks to the ladies who have posted thus far. I suspect it will also be different for some women as it is in the way we men also prefer oral sex (e.g. Fast and furious vs slow and sensual). In the end, it is a matter of reading and feeling what excites and pleases your partner and then pursuing it further....

you start out slow...gently teasing me.  Then softly start licking my....  Not good to start out like you're  a three year licking your first ice cream cone. In other words, nice and soft and gentlle, then you can apply a little more pressure.  I like a finger in me (but only if I've seen you wash your hands and your finger nails are nice and short and clean).   I LOVE IT!

It seem that way you can better direct us where you like us licking.

I love DATY. If I have sex without oral sex, I feel like something is missing. I love when a guy licks and kiss my pussy. I have the most sensibility on the top of my clitoris. And when a man uses a lot of his tongue while he fingers me,  I just go crazy. (just getting turn on while I am typing this :). No so much into sucking and pulling my lips. Every girl is different, but for me, it is not my style.

P.S You will know when you are doing it right. You will hear her moaning more and perhaps, she will be starting to talk a little dirty :)

Catalina Del Castillo

I like that position a lot, but most women prefer to receive oral lying on their back. Apparently easier to reach orgasm. I have had someone ride my face only a few times ever :(

Don't get me wrong I love oral any and every way, but I never seem to be able to cum unless I'm on my back with him between my legs, focusing all attention on my pleasure. If I'm on my knees I just can't relax enough to fully enjoy the experience.

and those that have taken me there KNOW exactly what I am talking about.

and I take great pride in my abilities, I also feel something is missing if I don't get the chance too. Most love a soft touch on the G spot and I know a few that like a digit in the bum. When my face is soaked and/or I get a lill squirt I know I did it right. :)

Before then I would pull out the crossword puzzle and begin to work... LOL. Not really but just never enjoyed it.

I just wanted to get down to having a hard cock fuck my brains out.

But now my god, please give me more. If you do it right I will squirt repeatedly and can get very loud. Hehe.

I love finger play and to have my G-Spot rubbed. If you are gentle and clean that is. If I am comfortable with you I just might let you fist me. But you do have to be careful as you just can't jam it in. You have to play with kitty to get her to relax. Once I cum forget it thru, hehe, kitty clamps right down and will spasm.

What I do hate thru is when someone starts to DATY and expects me to get hot real quick. Then quits. I get very disappointed at that point.

Even a pot of water takes a few minutes to warm up and even longer to get hot. And since we are all different it takes a few minutes to get in tone with our partner. Unless you are an expert and have read the manual. LOL.

Yes, hearing that is always a good indicator —but what I mean here is, ladies, don't stop writing about what you generally / especially enjoy / don't enjoy.  It's nice to hear what is pleasureable —and, while to some degree, every woman is indeed different, your comments could help us cunning linguists please someone in a new way.

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