Why do Gentlemen Play Games
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I'm so confused why do gentlemen call up and set appointments, give me references, pass all security and screening parameter just to give you the wrong address and when they actually respond back from you calling from a taxi trying to find my way and he has the nerve to text a "LOL".  I'm just a little frustrated cause I have had a wonderful time here thus far with absolutely wonderful men and this man who is white listed came and just blew my day with his craziness.

Please gents know that we have feelings and lives too, we are here to entertain you and make you feel good but you don't have to act like that!

Lexxxi Marie

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what a jerk!

...the person who called you isn't the hobbyist. Any hobbyist knows they could get blacklisted for that and end up with their info publically outed. It kind of sounds like a more complex trick, as emails can be hacked/spoofed and phones can be compromised. It's hard to believe a hobbyist would be that stupid and arrogant, knowing that they could be permanently ruined because of it.

But ya never know I guess.

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This behavior is prolific amongst some rs2k members also ...'Its very arrogant and of course stupid.... Whats even more baffling is that they continue to do it to others ...and in some cases they continuous try to schedule appointments ...

Kinda had to ask the same question as to why someone would go through screening process to play practical joke.  Short of "whoever it was is using someone else's account" could not come up with any answer.


If you ladies have this asswipes personal info...

You know the drill!

result is pretty much the same though - entire evening blocked out for multi hour appointment and constant "i am on my way" updates before he "vanished".

Meh, his loss.


You know my thoughts on asswipes like that.  Unfortunately morons like him feel they are bullet proof.  And I can only assume he does not give a rats ass what you or any gal will do to update the rest of the community.

But you can advise someone like Vivien now as she is thinking of coming to ChiTown.  At least one more gal may be safe from this predator.  And if you're up for it PM me this aholes info and I'd be happy to backchannel to others as another way of spreading the word.

Who knows...maybe Mr. Asshole is reading this now.  And not realizing just how quickly word can and does travel around these parts :D

And in Chicago, given local law enforcement attitudes, it will eventually land him an overnight date with someone named Bubba.

I will personally send him a care kit with some Gun Oil lube, he will need it :)))

In any case, one moron is no reflection on the wonderful city of Chicago.  Had absolute blast and met some wonderful gentlemen.

You guys ROCK!


another reason incalls are preferred..outcalls can sometimes be a just experienced one..have them come to you if at all possible..running around on wild goose chases in a city you are not familiar with can lead to nothing but disappointment and know who he do what you have to do to avoid others suffering the same fate..this is a great city with great gentlemen..all it takes is one asshole to spoil it for the rest of us..

Well as the old saying goes, one monkey don't stop no show and you so right, this city is fabulous and I'm definitely keeping it incall for now on cause wasting $50 on nothing was not in the plan.


Sorry you had to deal with an idiot...however, "one monkey don't stop no show" is my new motto for life!

I think your question should read.....

Why do "Fuck Tards" play games? :D

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