Re:ISO Oakland and SF area TS escorts...
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Any thoughts on Gia from Eros?  She looks incredibly hot.

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I am very interested in finding out who would be the best TS for a first time experience.  I will be in the Oakland airport area on July 16.  Thanks.

scottyc27396 reads

Check out Spectator magazine.  Lots of "girls" in the adds.  Mila is a good one along with Patricia or Priscilla.  They are in Oakland about 5-7 miles from the airport but don't do outcalls.  Lots in the SF area.  Try Diva's on Post Street, but these girls are pro's.  Also Este Noche on 16th of off Mission.  Have a great time

Any thoughts on Gia from Eros?  She looks incredibly hot.

I had two wonderful meetings with Mila of Oakland. She is incredibly beautiful, tall, great body, a very nice person too. I have not seen Trina Salina, but all her reviews are good. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. They have reviews on this board, and they can be found on Eros. Enjoy.

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Definately Mila is the one for you if she is in town since she travels alot check  Mila is definately a beautiful non stress lady and perfect for a 1st timer.  Good hunting.

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