I was feeling adventurous? :)
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Small towns can be kinda fun after crazy paced NYC.


Heading to Bloomington, IL after my Chicago visit and to be honest can't find any local boards.

Do boyz in Central Illinois participate on TER Chicago or on ohhh so dead Other Cities board?


Sort of like a party line...just not that kind of party :(

Cant figure out why you chose Bloomington???? Unless ALL the State Farm Insurance Execs are having a party.. the rest of the town is two colleges and I dont see the frat boys parting with $$$$

And to a bunch of horny kids those farm girls sure knew how to bring it.

There are some strange stories from years past at ISU :)

Small towns can be kinda fun after crazy paced NYC.


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Farmers ? Aren't most of them broke these days?

What the hell was I thinking?

Goes off to bang her head against the wall ....

Even though production costs are up sharply, net farm income was at an all time high last year. Have you noticed the cost of your corn flakes lately or the corn made ethanol in your gas tank? And that’s not including the farm land prices rising much faster than other real estate. You guys might reconsider cashing in on some farm grown profits before their economic bubble pops soon.

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