A fool and his money are soon parted [eom]
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I can only assume the person who wrote this had this experience on his very 1st day of hobbying without an ounce of research.

$2400 !!!!! That's a lot of cash. He could have had 6 or 7 of the best experiences of his life with some phenomenal ladies in town.

I guess it goes back to the 3 most important rules of the hobby. Research, research, research...

If he had googled the number, he would have seen the awful reviews on TER associated with the phone number.  The number is of a jack shack establishment.

I do agree that him staying was a big mistake.

But it is cheaper than ignorance.

I'll bet he spends more time on his research in the future.

But I bailed quickly. I knew any other bar would offer up bareback nirvana for a cheap price.

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No one is that desperate or that stupid.

I am a little suspicious of this review as well.  I understand that there are jackshacks...I just can't believe anyone this stupid would be able to accumulate $2400 to begin with...

I would not doubt the majority of the review is real, but I think the price was jacked up out of anger towards being scammed. I don't know if it is the same owner, but the original owner was a great scam artist from Vegas and had help from a First Amendment lawyer on what to say and not say.

A great deal of effort went into writing "The Juicy Details." I think far more than a negative experience would deserve. Something's fishy here.

And you read about it all the time in the local newspapers.

And a guy with a penis, a credit card and some cash is quite capable of this insanity.

And perhaps he also has wired money to the Nigerian Prince so he already got his cut of the $ 50M, so in his case cash wasn't a problem :D

Not to be mean, but you can walk right into this place! I used to live in that area and it has neon lights in the windows! Anyone with common sense would know that nothing really fun goes on if the doors are still open after 15 years! It is in DuPage county and they would LOVE to shut this place down, but this place goes by the letter of the law and they go right up to the line and never ever cross it, so it is still open after all of these years! Real providers screen! If you can walk right in then that alone should put up some you can Google their number and it comes right up location and all.

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I did something sort of similar a number of years ago.  In my defense, I thought I was going into a strip club.  I did not know from poviders and TER?  There was no internet yet.  The little head just took over.  I also spent only 12-1400, which was more than way too much.

He needed and wanted to be taught a lesson, and they delivered that lesson.

The real question is what he will do next.

And to those who doubt that someone that stupid can even have that much money, I can only say - really? None of you have ever met somebody who is really good at something, and completely without any common sense, and/or unable to do other very simple things? I had a friend, sadly deceased, who was COO of one of the 100 largest companies in Chicago, over 10,000 people reporting up to him, and he could not balance a checkbook, just could not do it. Also had a tendency to get lost when his PA was not guiding him. More than once I wondered how he got to where he was, but he was very good at his job, made a crap load of money, while being a wonderful, funny, unassuming person.


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