Readem and weep
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Think you might wanna take a pass.

Great pictures, but I can't seem to find any info on her.  Is there anyone that knows anything?

Think you might wanna take a pass.

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She used to go by the name Addison and had a 347 area code #. Tours Atlanta, North Carolina and Chicago frequently. After a few bad reviews she changed her name from Addison to Payton Alexander got a new # and had TER remove her whole profile. In a nutshell she's a pretty girl but has the personality of a dead fish, very aloof and buisness like, always late, pics are heavily photo shopped claims to be mixed with latina but is 100% all black .One guy even said she fell asleep while they were doing the do and blamed it on having too many drinks prior to seeing him.

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Seems that a number of AA providers claim some other heritage because of the BS many of them face with rates and other expectations. However, bad is bad, no matter what you claim. I hope people to continue to out her. Bad providers rip so many guys off.

This was post was brought to my attention by a valued client of mine... I try not to get involved with review sites for discretion purposes, but I just couldn't resist. I'm unsure why this gentleman would want to link me to another young lady. Those reviews are not me. There are several providers with the same name. I have never gone under another name and my services are far from unpleasant! Why don't you see for yourself?!

I'll even offer you a one time special to put these unfair rumors to rest.
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