I am staying in Downtown on Monday .. now THAT could be interesting ..
JustAGal See my TER Reviews 547 reads

May be time to switch to good ole OHare?


Could not those NATO people check with my touring calendar and NOT interfere?

Grumble grumble ....

I just don't understand those folks at NATO....
I'll tell you the only thing that they need to know:

A personal missile defense system costs 10 bucks, and not a penny more...
just go buy a box of condoms at the corner drug store!

And if you ask most of us on this Board, you'd have consent:
This is an effective means to achieve containment.

Now for those protesters, containment is not the goal;
They much prefer someone who will swallow...

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Staying near OHare, hopefully the NATO people won't interfere too much! This Friday to Sunday... does anyone know if they'll be up by the airport of mostly downtown?

Make sure you get the cash from the agents prior to the date.  They have a bad reputation for not paying.

Combination of "my shit don't stink" and "i am smarter than average bear shitting in the woods" mentality is not appealing to me.

So I would much rather play with Chicago natives and hang out in viagra triangle listening to some great jazz and blues :)


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