Re: Why the change?

Hey, im in the milwaukee area looking for a really good MILF type (35-45) provider. Would prefer if she does bbbj and cim. If anyone has any good suggestions id love to hear them, thanks.

Why the change from seeing 20 somethings to 35+?

Just looking to change it up a bit, i am a younger guy myself and have been with older women before and just thought i may be able to find something nice on here.

Thanks gsee for the recomendations, however I do not have a ton of $$$$ and those type of providers who charge 300 an hour are not withinin my financial reach. Also I dont have or even know how to obtain "refrences" so I have never visited a provider who requires them. I usually use TER and see backpage girls who have been positively reviewed there, also my average cost per visit is usually less than 100. I have seen some nice milfy providers advertised on bp but I cannot verify they are legit, and since I am married I cannot afford to get arrested for this, lol. So I guess I should have been more specific in my initial request, but if there are any further suggestions keeping this in mind id love to hear them.

you should check out my girlfriend Molly Moans !

If not, good luck and I hope u find what your seeking

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