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Asa Akira
dommie 7069 reads

I just watched Asa Akira's new DVD, Asa Akira Insatiable. This girl is so damn hot! Sure wish she provided.

I was absent yesterday, so let's start a belated Porn Star Friday. Please post a pic or a link with your choice.  Remember, a post here does not mean to imply that the PS escorts, just that she is a favorite.

mccleodx2274 reads

Plenty of very beautiful porn stars have good boob jobs from the start... but most of the time when a porn star I already fancy au natural gets a boob job they end up off my list, but Sophie amazingly got even sexier... which I did not think was possible.  Wish this was me.


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Love watching her cum!

Great ass and everything else

Posted her inaugural review.  Due to TER rules, my performance rating was knocked down to 8, but believe me, she goes to 11 :)

Any thoughts as to how I can set up something with miss white?

If there are any good reports to be had of her performance in the sack, I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be interested in hearing them.


I saw Mercedes several years ago and had a good time. Anybody seen her lately, she is still looking good.

MasterOfDjemSo435 reads

looks like she's been providing again, check her twitter and FB escorting with 100 Proof in Las Vegas. Her frist review posted last week. Please see our agency profile to read it. She is even hotter today!

Ciera is a great girl, down to earth, very real and has some mad skills.  She tours alot so if she's in the neighborhood, do yourself a favor and spend some quality time with her!

I have to agree.  I've known Ciera for a long time and she's just a great gal.  Besides the fun stuff, she's really down to earth and has a great personality.  Highly recommended!

dommie7070 reads

I just watched Asa Akira's new DVD, Asa Akira Insatiable. This girl is so damn hot! Sure wish she provided.

Definitely a great choice.  Blondes and latinas have always been my thing, but Asa is undeniably HOT.  She has a great body and really gets into fucking.  My kind of girl!

surf rat3430 reads

just downloaded Asa's new movie.  
Going out on a limb, but BEST PORN MOVIE EVER!
the sex is off the charts, she pre fucking scenes she looks hot, and the interviews are erotic.

Looks like she is providing now! I wonder if this is real.

So far she only does g-g films but if there is a current fantasy thats the one!

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