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You WILL Say, Ohhh-Myyy-Goddd! (Blessing STL 4/11 - 4/13!)
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Have you been worshiped lately? Isn't time you are? Yes-yesss-yessssss!

Mary is Blessing STL beginning:

Tuesday, April 11th (and possibly) until Friday April 13th!

Mary has not blessed STL in quite awhile, so do not miss out on her unique being, plus she is with ... (Drum roll, please...)

TER VIP MEMBER SPECIALS - 250/Hr!  (No, you are not seeing things, but you will - :D)

Oh' - and as a matter of fact... You WILL Say, Ohhh-myyy-Goddd! :-p  

Please make contact via TER PM to enable verification, etc.

Love & Light,

Mary Magdalene (EDS)
{A never ending commitment to excellence in bringing forth an unprecedented quality of life to others - MM}

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