Re: Thai Palace aint what it used to be...
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I agree about the TP. Hot ladies but not willing to give GFE the way us round eyes like it.

I have seen several Asian girls in the last year and most of them charge $160.00. That seems weird like they all work for the same agency. Anyway the problem is that they don't want to kiss and may let you DATY but not touch that area. Very frustrating. While they are "Hot" they lack satisfaction on the GFE. I don't paying more to get a little more "customer service". Anyone know of an Asian girl in Chicago that is a GFE?

They offer $250 GFE sessions as well as the standard $160 non-GFE sessions.

If you don't mind going up to the GFE rate you will probably not be frustrated with TP even if your experience may seem very mechanical. The gal will do all the things a "GFE" visit would consist of but will most likely not feel like a GFE.  If you go for the $160 rate there is a very strong chance you will end up with the exact frustration you don't like! ymmv depending on the gal. Based on my last few visits there I am forming the opinion that the $160 rate just frustrates me and if I'm going to go up to the GFE rate I might as well find a real GFE for an additional $50 that doesn't feel mechanical at all.  If you have the hots for Asian gals they have a great selection of good looking women but will be a big hit/miss at the $160 rate.


i'll agree that tp does have a large selection of girls for a single agency (and locations for that matter)...  however, when it comes to looks - it really is hit or miss...  i'd say the girls that i've seen through TP rate anywhere from a 5 to an 8 in the looks department - which is no different that what i've experienced at any of the other asian apartment type providers...

service, also, seems to vary no matter whether you choose the 250 gfe hour or the standard 160 non-gfe 45 min rate...

fortunately, there are a TON of reviews on TER for TP girls - use the search function and search by their phone number - can be found on their website...  my advice is, if you go the TP route, choose a girl that meets your needs based on their reviews...

taking one for the team and trying an unreviewed girl is always honorable (if you post a review) but you will likely find yourself frustrated as i have been in the past - particularly with TP...  I only see TP girls now with a significant number of reviews from active and well established reviewers...  additionally, I think their GFE rate is way over priced and I simply choose not to go that route.

I agree about the TP. Hot ladies but not willing to give GFE the way us round eyes like it.

I am considering taking a trip to Thai Palace, I have never been down the Asian road.
But so many pros and cons here????
I do LOTS of homework before seeing ANYONE! Economy sucks so every penny counts!

I would like to go to Schaumburg (I live in NW burbs) and no problem with the GFE price.
Problem is I dont understand how to get the girl (any) with the good reviews in that area?
On there site I see some Schaumburg girls but reviews are not where I like them.
DFK and BBBJ is a must for GFE.


If you check the website you'll see that they shuffle around the "models" every week.  Watch the website weekly, be patient. wait until a well reviewed girl is in Schaumburg and then pounce.  Happy hunting!

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what do u get for 160? everything except kissing and touching the beaver, do u get a bbbj and any position u want? no 69?
can u pick out the girl (good looking) u want or are u given whatever they supply?
getting a clear picture as to how this all works is important to me.
i wish their was an experienced person out here that could give clear advise on how all this stuff works.
paying for a girl sight unseen seems completely wrong!!!!!!
your suppose to go from the reviews?
i don't know u.(the reviewers)
rather than force new people to have rotten experiences and never do this again.
definre the difference if u could

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what do u get for 160?
Depends a HUGE amount on the girl. My last visit all I got was a closed down menu which basically came down to 10 minutes of CFS. And a quick shower with a VERY HOT K-Girl.  
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everything except kissing and touching the beaver,
half of everything would have been nice... ymmv lol. when I started using TP that was all included in the 160
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do u get a bbbj and any position u want?
bbbj is in the GFE rate.
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no 69?
ymmv not in my case.
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can u pick out the girl (good looking) u want or are u given whatever they supply?
I pick gal by location and by the pics on the website that are a mostly accurate likeness of the gal you will meet but usually not actual real pics of her. Of the TP gals I have seen so far I was physically attracted to them all.  All had decent bodies. I also pick them based by body type ht/wt/measurements based on the website model info's. typically take website info adjust 1 cup size down on their stated breast measurements. Ht weight are usually close enough for my taste. I really dig short dark haired petite spinners with big boobs and an exotic look. I am a sucker for a pretty face too.  Most TP gals are decent in this regard too.  You may on occasion run into one that wear WAY TOO MUCH makeup. The last gal I saw was physically perfect for my preferences body/face/hairstyle a true 8+ imo on a 1-10 scale. But the service was barely existent.    
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paying for a girl sight unseen seems completely wrong!!!!!!
Thats the way it works! you pays your money, you takes your chances.
Posted By: tdemon
your suppose to go from the reviews?
Posted By: tdemon
definre the difference if u could
wish there was a clear way to define. YMMV by a shitload!

If you've always wanted to have what the quality pros of Bangkok can provide.
it's a total experience.

Has she made that mid month announcement yet and I missed it or has that not yet happened?

I have received an e mail from her. She will start back to work 1 May.
But it will not be her. She is now cal lining her self Mamasan.
She told me that the girl she has will give the ame good service she gave.
Just email her.

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