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A few Ts provider have shown up in LA from Maimi and they look HOT however no reviews. Names- Roxanne, Leila And Sophia I will not take a chance without a review. In addition many providers post reviews of themselves. You have to be careful. leila and Sophia do sessions together I woulds love to try that, please help me with any info they are here for a few days. leila is a Brazilian they are usually super horney and dolls because surgery is cheap in RIO.

Leila, Catherine, and Maya are the same person.
Sophia, Roxana, and Ana are the same person.
They are nice looking roomies in south Florida, for whom English is a second language.
They have been traveling about in the same way to San Fran, DC, Atlanta, probably several other cities, usually advertising on Eros a day or two before landing.

You can find extensive discussions & reviews of various parts of these split personalities on SER,
They are not out and out ripoffs like InternationalShemales.
The consensus is that they provide very average hurried service of a limited nature and tend to overbook and try to get over with whatever they are doing that particular day.
Sophia is said to be rather limp, unlike Leila who is the dom of the two.

Customer service is not on their agenda. Somebody needs to explain some biz basics to them, in their primary language.
Personally I've read the threads and reviews, but not seen any of the six personalities close up. The pics are very well done, so in person there is a let down. They've not been to the Vatican. When they do, I'll try to get the priests to see them and leave the altar boys alone. LOL.

A review or two of Catherine aka Leila was quite good a while back, but you certainly are taking a chance of wasting your $$ big time and being hurried out. Sophia has no good reviews that I've seen.

Perhaps you can teach the both to give excellent bbjtcs. That would be a great service to humanity. LOL
You might take them a print out of the post below on "Comunicating With the T-Vixen Community."
They never answered that e-mail or any other inquiring about their services on the most discreet of ways.
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I saw Catherine why she was here in DC and had a great time. DFK, CBJ, Top and Bottom.  I am considered a fairly attractive man so I believe she is a YMMV girl.  On the same note I had a totally uninspired experience with Cecilia(one of Susan Shah's girls).  She performed duties and that it.

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