New Jersey

Visiting NJ next week
SmegmaJones 30 Reviews 2841 reads

I will be in NJ next week in the Farmingdale/Neptune area.  Last time I was there I couldn't find anyone to swing down from 'the city' to what is apparently NJ's boondocks area.  Any ladies up to making the trip without charging an arm and a leg travel fee?  I may end up needing 2 ladies (a friend is coming as well...seperate rooms) and you could share the ride.

No PM right now, so please post a a reply here if this is not out of your service area.


I can, and have a few other suggestions as well.

Thanks much for the replies to both of you ladies.  Right now I'm being told that the trip is off until May.  I'll make sure to keep the info though, you both seem lovely.  Hopefully that one will work out.


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