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Re: I am laughing ... actually Kate there is ..
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but it's in PA.

Check it out:

Jersey Shore, PA

And I know someone that lives in BH and her zip code is 90210.  Strange but true.

those folks on Jersey Shore crack me up....theyre so different and hilarious!!
I looked on the map but couldn't find a town called "Jersey Shore"....hmmm
Is it make believe?
Thanks a bunch!

Heather of Alabama

There is no town called Jersey Shore. The Jersey Shore is made up of many tiny towns along the eastern coast of NJ on the Atlantic Ocean. If you are on the beach at any one of these towns you are considered" down the shore", not at the beach or at the shore, but"down the shore.The beach goes all the way from Sandy Hook to Cape May, youv'e probably heard of some of them, like Point Pleasant,Seaside, Island Beach, and of course Atlantic City, with many other small shore towns in between. I believe the TV show is filmed at Seaside Heights, which at one time was a great place to go, but it has gone down hill. Many other shore points are much nicer.

I had to laugh at it, but nooooo! My "shore" is preppy as see Irish cable-knit sweaters more than wife-beaters. My schoolmates were decked out in khakis and GAP sweaters.

My favorite shore towns are the small barrier island towns...the ones where people ride around barefoot in those big 'beach cruiser' bikes with a huge comfy seat and a big basket on the front. Where everybody either surfs or sails. The ones where, wherever you go, you FEEL like you are at the beach. Those towns are my favorite haunts, to this day.

I feel that the 'Jersey Shore' show types are mainly the tourists!! They do bring a certain element of craziness - a 'height of the summertime' type of feeling - and their antics make for great people-watching, if you have a robust enough sense of humor. Everybody loves to watch the show except when it's clogging up the GSP or peeing in their front yard at 3AM. It's definitely a love-hate relationship.

I remember when I was little, watching the crazies go by in Seaside (aka Sleaze-side). It's an OK town, both honky-tonk and innocent at the same time. Surprisingly pretty natural white quartz beaches. I like to run there in the wintertime when all of the rides are closed. If I want to go to the beach, though, I'll pick Mantoloking (peace and quiet), LBI, Seaside Park, Island Beach State Park (my fave), or further south (down the shooo-oore with the dipthong o), Stone Harbor, Avalon, Sea Isle City, or Diamond Beach to name a few. Asbury Park deserves a mention for the great restaurants.

If you are refering to the TV show it is a huge pile of SHIT.
In fact to the best of my knowledge most if not all the actors/morons on the show are not from Joisey.

The real Joisey shore is the coast line of beaches/beach towns from Sandy hook to Cape May.

As anothe poster said there is no town named Joisey shore.

You should cum here and visit this summer.

Thank You
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Would the Joisey shore be a lucrative place for a working girl or is it mainly just a vacation place in which fellas wouldn't be able to get away and play wif me?
Thanks a bunch fellas...!
Long travel day...curling up in bed wif my kitty cat...snuggle time!
Heather of Alabama

There isnt a town called that LOL Oh its funny

but it's in PA.

Check it out:

Jersey Shore, PA

And I know someone that lives in BH and her zip code is 90210.  Strange but true.

i thought it was funny but people not familar with Nj wouldnt know that there is no town called jersey shore its sorta funny

Pa is there a ocean also ?

on the show...The Andy Griffith Show.
Been there...look just like the show...nothing's changed at

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