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Re: Newspaper headlines: NBA executives jump from top floor
mookie58 18 Reviews 16804 reads

I think you're right HH. Kobe vs Lebron is their dream matchup and the tv ratings would be the best in years!

johnhuntback22671 reads

Wonder what the reaction to a Denver-Orlando finals would be. Since Orlando beat Cleveland last night and L.A. had a devil of a time with Denver Tuesday, it's at least a remote possibility. That match-up would be a ratings/PR nightmare for David Stern. I don't think Carmelo-Dwight would have the same TV appeal as Kobe-Lebron. Personally, though, I would love it!!

I'm by no means an Orlando fan, but it appeared obvious to me last night that league officials want Lebron in the Finals. Dwight Howard was getting "mugged" even when he didn't have the ball. Plus, every time somebody looks at Cleveland's "Sideshow Bob" cross-eyed, he flops! NBA Playoff b-ball more closely resembles football.

Concur, between the NBA execs and TV suits, I think there are some very nervous people.

I think you're right HH. Kobe vs Lebron is their dream matchup and the tv ratings would be the best in years!

it could be a Lebron-Melo matchup that they want. Remember that Lebron and Melo entered the league on the same year.

....aswum game last night, honestly thought we were thru @ half time, but the magic decided to play defense in 2nd half, actaully shot 51% in both halfs, just played defence in the 2nd. lebron was awsum, the dude plays his heart out to the last second, demonstrated w/the jump ball @ the last second, & damn, clevland almost pulled it off.....very deflating game for them, they got lebron, we got dwight and lewis and turk and a better bench and now home court advatantage. o, i forgot, cavs got the the nba & refs too, so that evens it out,  ;-)they're still in it!

Fabulous game for the Magic, Jimbo-Rashard Lewis came up HUGE in the 4th-and Hedo T. hit some big ones-LeBron got ALL the calls and got tired at crunch time-when Williams hit the 50 plus footer at the end of the half, I thought it was all over-super comeback-Though I'm hardly a Lakers fan, I've got a few hundred bucks on them to win it all-We'll see-Great the Magic have HCT advantage now-I'll be pulling for them-Later-1rob

johnhuntback20458 reads

Orlando is actually the worst match-up for Cleveland because, like you said, Howard has more help than James does. Williams and West are too spotty and everyone sort of forgot about Lewis. I'm pulling for Orlando too, partly because Van Gundy is fun to watch. He's worth the price of a ticket himself.

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