All providers in Wisconsin are invited!!!
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I've been working very hard for the past year to get a SWOP (sex workers outreach project) chapter in Milwaukee and I finally have the first meeting scheduled for September 15.  If you're a sex worker, in ANY part of the indsutry (escort, dancer, phone sex, webcam, etc) or know one who is please e mail me or call me for the details or pass my info along to a sex worker you know.  I want to put this together WITH  all the sexworkers in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.  I have numerous orginzations as allies in getting this thing going.  I have a discreet place for our meetings. I have a webmaster that will do our website for free.  No one has to come out publically or to ANYONE as to what they do and no one but sex workers and their allies we have in the community will be at our meetings.  I have been working closely with the girl that does SWOP-Chicago and she will be at our first meeting to help us get started.  There is no fee.  This is for sex workers by sex workers.  I can't do this alone, and we can't put this together to fit the needs of our industry without the input of people in our industry.  If anyone needs a ride, my minivan fits 7 and I will be more than happy to come pick you up.  Our meeting will be casual and relaxed with some refreshments.

Please contact me for info, you'll be pleasently surprised how many allies we have in our community and how much support we have.

Please check out the links below and bring any ideas how to talor fit SWOP  to our adult community.  I believe this will become a great source of resources, support, information and events, like you'll see in other SWOP chapters.

You don't have to be a part of putting this together, you can simply come for your own benefit and throw ideas out there as you get them.  




I hope to see you all there!!
Becca Blossoms

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