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We're right behind you, Tash...or at least we'd like to be! (eom)regular_smile
MrSelfDestruct 43 Reviews 18098 reads


Are there any girls out there that love the 'Boys?  I go to a lot of games and would love to take a TER girl with sometime! :)

Jesery's, license plate cover, keychain, stickers, I am a die hard Cowboys fan!!!  And catch so much shit for it lmao.

Cowboys rock.  Can't wait to see the new stadium.

Thought you rather enjoyed being given a hard time!!  :) :)

Tusayan21000 reads

Must be fun to support  a team with a starting QB that's won as many career playoff games as the head coach.

Just curious since you seem to think it matter whether a team wins or not.  I am fan regardless if they are the best or worst.  Do you switch teams everytime they do bad??  Just wondering.

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