Porn Stars

9duro 18 Reviews 24707 reads

Has anyone seen Anisa? She's an asian girl, very intense, nasty and brave. I belive she was doing anal porno before it became mandatory for all girls. If she's a provider I would love to know!

DPmaster25458 reads

I understand that she's Ed Powers' (Dirty Debutantes) office manager for his production company.

PS, wonder how long till it works it's way down to the average provider level?

THEDOCTORSW24453 reads

Nothing is mandatory in Porn today.

The Lady chooses what type of scene she wants and with whom she will be shooting. Although, the more nastier they get the more they will get paid as said by several active Porn stars I have spent time and/or have exchanged mails/calls with.

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

jldick5025351 reads

Last I heard she was out of the Adult Biz and was working as Ed Powers secretary. We can only hope, maybe she will come out of retirement.

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