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This is a really good idea.  I would like to hear from any ladies in the LA area whoagree

I saw an ad on the LA Board offering "Grandpa Specials".  I thought "what a great idea for the provider who prefers us". A session with one of us is going to be different than with the young studs.  I have read other threads where providers say the really like older guys.  Has anyone else run into a special like this?  Do you think it's a good idea?  Hopefully ladies will comment too.

There is a mature SP who traveled thru Delaware and Southern Pennsylvania; her bp ads and her website both advertised special rates for her "older gents".  I am trying to remember but I think that her rate for "gents" over 60 was 50% of her regular rates.

I always thought this would be a good niche market for a mature SP.  The work would not be as rigorous as servicing the younger studs.  There shouldn't be as much LE risk.  The clients are probably better mannered and more well-behaved.  I would imagine that older gents would be easier to schedule also.

I came across a bp ad today that is advertising:

****Senior Special****

Do You need a little extra time?
I am happy to provide for my senior (65 and over only)
friends 90 minutes for the regular (or special) donation for 1 hour.

The Los Angeles "Grandpa Special" advertisement is by Marla and Tony, a young couple who do everything on the menu: role play, straight, bi, etc.   Of their 40 reviews, 21 are 10's and 13 are 9's for performance.

Their special is $300 for an hour.  Reading their reviews, I'm not sure my heart is up to it.

Doesn't sound like a bad idea?! A good marketing tool and a way to let older gentlemen know they are welcome with the provider.  I would be open to trying something like that in the future but would like to come up with a better name than "grandpa......."

Have fun and stay safe!


I agree, since my 3 children may never make me a grandpa the name is a sore spot. I don't mind my age  but since here in Utah I know several ladies who were grandma's at 36, grandpa could be some really young guys. The best specials I could see would be more time for the hour rate. I need at least 2 to 3 hours to have multiple pops but usually stick to one hour as paying for 2 hours and still only managing one pop does not seem like a good risk for me. I have on occasion managed to have one hour session gone away for 2 hours and came back for the second hour, or if I am really lucky getting an OTC lunch with the lady and then the second hour. Specials like that would make a lot of sense for us over 60's.  You could name your specials just like this board 60 plus.

If you called your special 60 plus, what if a guy came because that was his waist size? LOL

But even those with a 60+ waist might want a provider too.....

Maybe on my new website in progress I will just have a section called 60 plus and run the specials on there....who knows. Might be popular. More time, OTC Lunches in between two hours, 3 - 4 hour sessions for the price of two hour regular private rate.  All kinds of possiblities!  I would say just present that AARP card but I think that seems to happen way before 60 . . . . All fun!

This is a really good idea.  I would like to hear from any ladies in the LA area whoagree

I don't have any grandkids, just granddogs... but if you want to run an "Olde Phart" special sign me up... particularly if it's a dinner/desert 3-4 hour for a 2 hour private time rate :)

ps... you are already on my short list for Vegas or Phoenix :)

With all these ideas, I am just going to have to make a list of forthcoming "specials" ......grand dogs, grand kids, Olde Phart Grand Dog Daily Special, 60+, grandpa ?!?!?!?!?!? All good.....


Looking forward to seeing how this "short list" turns out....how about BOTH locations?  ;)

Have fun & Stay safe,



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...and I'd avoid anything with "old fart" in the title.

There's always Geezer Pleaser.  ;-)

Let's see, how could I prove that I am a grandpa?  Well, I could show the provider a few photos of myself with my grandkids. Hey, what grandpa would not love an excuse to whip out. . . the pictures!     But then I got to thinking. . . say there is another old fart without grandkids who still  wants to get the special discount. What does he do? Would he go to a playground and try to take pictures of himself with little kids?  


and I think I'll go and get copies made just in case.

Scan the baby pics  into your computer too and back up your scanning. Then also email them to yourself :)

I do too, 25 and 22 years later!  Still bring a tear to my eye.

since neither of my kids have produced any offspring, I am not a grandpa.  Another name for it would work for me, like was mentioned, Olde Phart.....I can certainly qualify for that.

It would be wonderful if providers gave us older guys a price break, but I'm not really expecting it.


Just because the term "grandpa" doesn't do it for me (no disrespect to the Grandpas and I'll gladly look at the grandchildren pics....) I like the term....Gentlemen's Choice - Age 60+ . . . . .think I just might use that one :)

Have Fun & Stay Safe

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on the AARP site for offering discounts for seniors.

Those lucky gentlemen in Phoenix. Just saw your specials up on your page. I would definitely take advantage except its a 12 hour drive from here. Kind of hard to hide that from the SO. It is nice to see a lady who not only gives new ideas a try with her replies but actually then turns around and does something about it. You'll have to let us know if it's successful or not.

Thanks - I am always open to new marketing, etc and just over all having fun! It is a business, yes, but want to make people have fun and be satisfied along the way.

PS - Those specials are in VEGAS!!!! Even better!!! So why not fly there?  I will be offering something in Phoenix too but right now I have some other "specials" going on....in fact, they are so good I didn't even realize until I reviewed my own site.

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