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There will be an announcement on the GD Board tomorrow..
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Regarding BBFS and TER policy.

In the meantime, there is a poll on the home page. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this poll.

Aside from the poll, please visit the thread when it is posted tomorrow to make your opinions known.

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On other regional boards the mod is saying quite clearly there will no longer be a ban on discussing BBFS.  I, for one, welcome the change.  TER has been like an ostrich with its head in the sand.  BBFS is a reality. It has major implications for everybody.  To not discuss it is a disservice to the community.  The only thing that would concern me is if there was "outing" of people who participate.  If people want to PM about that, fine. But discussion about the risks and how prevalent it is simply give people  more information.  But mods will have to be vigilent if people get too specific on the public boards. Bring it on.

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DD is correct. That is the subject matter and by some of us directing members to the poll on the home page is a giveaway.

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Posted By: BillyBareback
On other regional boards the mod is saying quite clearly there will no longer be a ban on discussing BBFS.  I, for one, welcome the change.  TER has been like an ostrich with its head in the sand.  BBFS is a reality. It has major implications for everybody.  To not discuss it is a disservice to the community.  The only thing that would concern me is if there was "outing" of people who participate.  If people want to PM about that, fine. But discussion about the risks and how prevalent it is simply give people  more information.  But mods will have to be vigilent if people get too specific on the public boards. Bring it on.

A few reviews that include BBFS will destroy a provider.

Tha   cat   that's out of the   bag.

Thank You
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Why it could not be discussed.

I do not advocate it but do realize it does occur.

Thank You
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Here are a few reasons why reviews of BBFS might scare a provider...

As a provider who does not and will not do BBFS this puts us at a lot of risk (like we don't have to worry enough!). While some ladies do engage in BBFS and would probably like the publicity, the vast majority would not, whether or not they engage in that behavior.

-A false accusation of BBFS can put ladies at risk for losing a lot of income that they depend on to take care of themselves, their family. Let's face it, most providers become providers because they find themselves in a financial crisis as it is. Nobody is going to read a BBFS review (who does not want to see those BBFS providers) and think of it as a work of fiction.

-What is to stop any wackjob from trying to use this to their advantage to harm a provider? What if I choose not to see a guy due to his age, race, lack of references, unreasonable requests, bad manners, bad hygiene, his having been blacklisted. Now that wackjob can turn around and try to smear a provider for simply trying to protect herself and have a decent work environment.

-Almost every provider has had a stalker. Now any stalker, any competition, an ex-boyfriend, can use this to their advantage and even do it under an alias, without the provider having any opportunity to defend herself.

-What if a fake BBFS goes up about me when this is not a service I provide? Now the men who seek those providers will start booking with me and I might not have a clue until we are face to face. Now that he EXPECTS BBFS from me, maybe he will decide to take it personally and force it upon me or beat me up. I hate to break it to you, but there are quite a few hobbyists that already have rejection issues and they do not take it well when it comes from "a sure thing".

I don't disagree that open discussion is fine and dandy, but not in reviews. It simply isn't fair to the ladies that don't provide BBFS. We can't refute reviews as it is and to this day I have never seen some bad client take any personal accountability for a bad session. At least with a bad review we can still redeem ourselves with other good reviews, but for MANY hobbyists, seeing that a provider does BBFS immediately and permanently crooses her off his list and then we end up having to put up with every guy who wants BBFS making our lives miserable.

I would never kid you about this.

Please note that  I said is that I do not understand why it could not be discussed.

I never said, implied or suggested it be allowed in reviews.

Yes no doubt it  would cause many huge  problems if BBFS is mentioned  in a review of a lady who does not allow it, and even those who do, for that matter.

Thank you
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I agree on that because this is perfect ammo for some, and then we are stuck. For now if they are trying to attack us they say the lady didn't bathe LOL or she was sleeping during the appt, but if they say BBFS, that's a toughie.

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TER cares about their bottom line. Not the "community". The ladies have reached their limits.

Yes , what is done is done regardless of what we think or want. Providers may have reached their limits but not much will change. I don't forsee many providers walking away from TER.  I understand I guess people freaking out about things, but really why is it any different? Now people can openly talk, rather then backchannel? Okay.

Some ladies are talking about retiring because of all this. Why? NOTHING new is going on, nothing has changed. I don't think it's cool, or very smart to do BBFS, therefore I do not offer it. Period. If you do, that is your life. To each their own.

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Yes you are correct about bbfs been going on all the time. People had no idea how wide/extensive the practice was, resulting in retiring from the hobby. Others will change what they do in sessions (bbbj and daty).

Personally I don't want to be eating pussy when the previous guy might have had a creampie with the provider.

If someone is that worried about it getting out then they shouldn't do it in the first place. We as a community here can know who is doing bbbjs, why is knowing who does bbfs any different? We are all adults here. I just operate on the assumption and common sense that it's going on. I do what I do and I worry about myself, and I keep myself safe and that is that, period.

Also if someone was doing bbfs and was worried of word getting out and having it affect their livelihood, something is wrong because her catching something non-cureable would affect her income just the same and more.

 We are here to make money, spend money, and have fun. We can be safe too and keep a good head on our shoulders. Fact is no matter how well you know your provider or your hobbyist, you don't really know them THAT well. Even after years of seeing each other, or months, or weeks be it that the case. We are all adults here and I would like to believe when it comes down to it are all smart enough, and aware of the truth and the facts and the realities of everything.

 If people want to discuss BBFS on here, it does make sense. Without that we as providers on here all do some things that others don't such as bbbj, CIM an Greek but we still respect each other. Or we should. BBFS raises the risks and chances of catching and passing things on, so I am not cool or comfortable with it but I am not naive. It's happening.

Party safe and have fun!!!!!!

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Don't kid yourself.  Discussing it on Ter is condoning it.  If a provider engages in this, or if a client asks for it they should be banned from this site.  

So what's next, discussions of under age providers?  We are headed down a dangerous path my friends.

Everyone who has  participated in this thread (including you ) has discussed it, in one way or another, and not one person (including you ) has condoned it.

So you see it is possible to discuss BBFS and NOT condone it, even you can do it, and you did.

Thank You
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BTW I am awake

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my comment wasn't an attempt to participate in a discussion.  It was merely my own personal statement of disgust that this board is becoming an "anything goes" open forum.

You are correct it was not an “attempt” to participate, the fact that you posted is participation.
Additionally voicing your feeling of disgust and expressing your opinion that the board is becoming an anything goes open forum is further participation.

Thank you, for your valued participation
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The resident message board egomaniac has spoken.

I was referring to and complimenting you not me.

You’re welcome
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You were "complimenting" someone else.

you R right my mistake. Got the seriously_random posters mixed-up.

In any case since I was not talking about myself how does it make me an egomaniac?

Thank you
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BTW thank you for your participation too

I'm surprised that it's taken this long to bring this in the open. Yes, there should be a category in the reviews for this - just like BBBJ (which has it's on issues). If a provider has a few reviews with nothing mentioned, and then there's one noting this service, I would think the clear thinking reader would understand that it's probably not a common practice, or a practice at all, for the provider. I doubt a simple YMMV with that service would have everyone running to the provider.

On the other hand, I would want to know who's doing any unsafe practices. If others want to partake, that's up to them. I would hate to no be in the know.

Last, as far as it being a business death sentence, that's silly. It would be no worse than someone saying they were ripped off by a provider during a session or something along those lines.

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Shear insanity. Normaly this site is some good reading, about one of my favorite subjects no less. Today however I read this whole thread and my jaw drops to the floor, because of the craziness.being discussed. What difference does bbfs make?  Or any other acronyms for that matter? Lol nothing discussed here is safe. Fellas if tou dont realize that blood, saliva, snot, mucus, pee pee, ect. are all as poisonous in the wrong person as any other bodily fluids. You could get any of the common bugs or all of the really nasty uncureable ones from any of those fluids.
 Also le doesnt like any of this so that makes it even less safe. Also the possibility of being robbed and/or killed.
I was expecting the ladies here to show more sense. They are (at least with me) always in full control of whatever we do. They know the risks better and how to avoid them. I dont even go bbfs with a girl picked up at the bar. Come on fellas, sex is russian roulette everytime(even with civilians) and the other dangers are out there too, but I like to fancy myself a dare devil. Relax and have fun people, you never know when you arre going to crash. Ask evil kinevel.

Sorry for lecturing. Love for everyone.

I concur!!! I hang the phone up IMMEDIATELY when a client asks for BBFS. I am still a little leery when a client off the bat asks for a bbbj before asking rates. I feel that the bbbj should be YMMV. Not a service offered or not offered.

I am totally into the GFE over PSE but the GFE guys sometimes scare me.

I used to tour with Backpage Quality girls and one chick i was with had herpes!!!!


After the client left i told her and she was in denial. I took her to the clinic where they diagnosed her with type 2...

I stopped touring with her but she is still touring and working out of new orleans!


In baton rouge this one girl was from the Bay Area that was touring with me....

Her cousins baby mother was infected with aids by a client in the late 90's, the chick with aids was posting as FULL GFE!!!!

WE POSTED SEVERAL ADS ON BP letting guys know she was infected!!!

These women doing BBFS are INFECTED, ANGRY, SPITEFUL, Vindictive women!!!!

***** Now on the flip side, I also know women that are 2500 per hour and get checked with their clients and there is like a whole week process before the actual appointment done bbfs. Clients are referral only. ******

Whatever floats your boat....

Me... I value my life and would never BBFS... not even with a real boyfriend!!!


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Thanks for taking the time to post this. It is a real wake up call.

-- Modified on 11/30/2011 6:20:31 PM

I don't mean to  make light of this... But getting in your car in the morning is a potential death sentence. Smoking that cigarette is a potential death sentence. Drinking the alcohol is a potential death sentence. Going out in the sun is a potential death sentence. It happens. You can't berate anyone who does it, all you can do is look out for you by playing safe.

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We know drinking, smoking, driving can lead to death.  But when you BBFS an infected person it potentially gets spread throughout the society.  

If someone doesn't care if they die from AIDS, don't assume everyone else doesn't!

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