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A pornstar hobbyist's list of legal brothels in Nevada
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I would like to start a convenient list of links of legal brothels in Nevada for guy's referernce (heck, we have a separate FKK Clubs page for Europe, might as well chronicle brothels for guys on this board).  

Obviously, not all brothels have pornstars all the time in attendance, but the Bunny Ranch in particular does.  Let's leave the commentary pro and con (particularly about over paying) for another day.  As to overpaying, the question sort of is, compared to what, in the sense that if a guy wants to, for instance, Legally see a pornstar, about the only option on American soil are the rural counties in Nevada with a brothel and limo service direct to their puss.  If Elliot Spitzer had gone to the Mustand Ranch, well . . .

In the meantime, if you want to educate yourself, rent the HBO series Cathouse, a multi-part documentary about The Bunny Ranch.  They just shot new episodes there a week ago.

I remember seeing at least one video series or porn a few years back that was shot at one of the cathouses.  It was actually pretty good.  If anyone remembers movie titles showing brothel girls getting done, that might be of interest to guys.

So, all comments are welcome, but the primary thrust of this thread is simply to compile links to all the cat houses.

Pictured below, Sunny Lane

While i can see the appeal of a brothel to some in that it provides a legal atomshpere and/or the fact that many of these places offer a resort like setting (hot tubs, lounges, etc.), many people, (not just me) will never go there because of the rules, REGARDLESS of the cost, that's just the way it is (apologies to Bruce Hornsby and the Range)...If i won 50 free sessions at a Nevada brothel, I would give them all away.....

As i said in a recent post, there is a BIG tent in this lifestyle....There's something for everyone, (it's not like we're trying to find a sunken ship in the Bermuda Triangle) whether one seeks the experience of a brothel or a hotel room in LA, etc. etc...

I have no interest in brothels either (cost, rules, everything covered, long drive, yadda yadda).  But they are the only legal source of pornstars on American soil (well, Rhode Island might qualify), so for a guy who is not a risk taker, I think compiling a list is public service on this board.  Since most of us will never be invited to the Playboy Mansion, other than a meet and greet, they also offer a unique opportunity to be in an entire room of women who are a sure thing....  

So, not to get side-tracked, I will start the list with the obvious:

Bunny Ranch

Hopefully others can fill in cities, and whatnot as this thread progresses over time.

Pictured below, Mika Tan at the Bunny Ranch

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Hey well besides the BunnyRanch and sheris ranch all other Brothels are kinda dumpy.

Kevin could you ID other PS on sheris page
they goby one name put some are PSs

I really have to disagree.

The Wild Horse Saloon and Brothel is far from dumpy. I haven't been to the Bunny Ranch since I avoid all things Hoff, but I have been to Sheri's and the Wild Horse. Susan is doing a wonderful job at the Wild Horse and they have some outstanding girls.

JR Carrington used to be there but I no longer see her on the site.

Not for nothing but Rhode Island recently repealed the law allowing hanky panky between two consenting adults "behind closed doors".

It's a Damn shame :(

I could tell ya stories...

"As of June/July 2008 there were 28 legal brothels in Nevada."

Bunny Ranch (two sites" (Moonlite and Two)
Run by Dennis Hoff
Carson City (5 minutes from town)

Sheri's Ranch
Run by
Pahrump (45 minutes from LV)

Wild Horse Saloon and Brothel
Run by "Susan"
Sparks (15 minutes from Reno)

This is a great idea, Kevin, and thanks for posting this very useful supplement to the 300 Club.

As you mentioned, the biggest plus for the legal brothels is that there is never any worry about the intrusion of law enforcement, or any concerns if Heidi Fleiss's Little Black Book falls into the wrong hands.

Another brothel that I would recommend is the Kit Kat.  Sunset Thomas was there for a while after a falling out with the Bunny Ranch, and the facility is cozy and intimate, with adequate facilities.  Also, a stunningly beautiful Internet model named Caressa Kisses also moved from the Bunny Ranch to the Kit Kat, and she was supermodel gorgeous.  She appeared in the HBO series "Cathouse."

The Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump is one of the better known brothels near (90 miles = "near") Las Vegas.  Trinity James and Saphire Rae (Penthouse) work/have worked there. that you can reach them in just a few minutes from Carson City.  One of the problems with the Southern Nevada brothels is that they are more than an hour away from Las Vegas...

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