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Last Chance: Phantom at the Venetian.
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I'll be there next week.

I know is question comes up all the time and I looked at a bunch of posts.
But what show do people really like or entertainer that is worth seeing besides all the Cirque shows.
I have seen a few already just hoping that something or someone is worth seeing the last weekend in July.

Also looking for a hot date to go with me?
Hoping someone has an imagination to plan a great evening for us both ?
Prefer  31-up
Not super tall as I am only 5'8"


His routine is to pick on the audience, he does a lot of ethnic jokes, sometimes he can be really brutal.

Something I wanted to do one day, was to go with a real hot provider in a sexy dress and play dumb, if he finds you in the audience he will ask, "where are you from", of course the reply would need to be, " we just met at the craps table , this is Angel, she's into real estate"...  I imagine he would have a field day.  he sells a cd of the performance at the end of the show.

Terry Fator is really funny. I would go and see him again.
Plus google the actual date and often there are visiting comedians and shows in town too.
I am in town the evening of June 30th....


Santana at the House of Blues.

I know your Mentioned wanting something other then the Cirque shows but Zoomanity is totally different.
I've seen it once and loved it!! It's a more risqué adult version of the other shows.
You could always check out the las Vegas weekly for upcoming events.

Porn Princess Jayla Starr

Got two free tickets when I checked in at the Venetian over the weekend for Saturday night. It was so empty, the ushers moved us front and center.  

It is a shortened version of the Broadway show.

But the price is pretty good.

When I got on-line for tickets, almost all the good seats are gone. Maybe The Venetian/Palazzo got them all.

It is not my favorite musical so I prefer the shortened version. Besides, I'd probably couldn't wait to get back to the hotel room to act out the scenes with my lady. :)

Believe it or not, Carrot Top is a really good show. People will roll their eyes when you say you're seeing him but you'll laugh your ass off.  About $50 from the Tickets tonight places.

Good to hear I good review, I've been wanting to see him, but he's gotten mixed reviews

Beatles Love and Absinthe are fantastic.  

Absinthe is one of the funnier shows I've ever seen, and the acrobatics are great.  It's like the Jackass version of a cirque show.

I have seen all the shows in Vegas and Jersey Boys is the most fun (but their new home at Paris is not as good as Palazzo).

Maybe you could select a date first and ask her what she would prefer - i am sure she will be grateful.

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