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Looking for Foodie for Dinner Date
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I will be in Las Vegas next week and am looking to have a multi-hour dinner date on Monday night with someone who really appreciates great food and wine and is comfortable in the great restaurants of Las Vegas.

Any suggestions or anyone interested? Please post or PM.

OMG I'd love a nice relaxing dinner date with you hun!
Even though I'm petite, I love to eat! lol
Eating well was always an old sign of prosperity,
eating good food and enjoying a great glass of wine is more of an event then simply a way to not be hungry! lol

My name is Jayla Starr, and I live here in Vegas.
I am a petite porn princess, and I'm sure we would enjoy each other's company.
Check out my website, or search online for a lot more pictures and even hot video of me!

Jayla Starr
Your Personal Porn Star Experience

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I love dinner dates one of my favorites!
A great way to get to know each other stimulating conversation,great food,and good company.Me as dessert is the perfect way to end the evening.
If you are looking for a Highly Reviewed GFE that will rock your world I am the lady for you!
So many fabulous restaurants and providers here in Vegas I am sure you will have a wonderful time.
Good luck to you!

Wonderful wine paring menu's.
They are always even better when you sharing with good company.

I have a great recommendation on someplace to go that has an AMAZING tasting menu for a very fair price; complete with super romantic atmosphere....ahhhhhhh pure heaven!

Check out my website and drop me a line; I'd love to accompany you to a great place.  :)

Was at Picasso last week and it was gorgeous. We are so spoiled living here in Vegas!!! Would like to check out the new Gordon Ramsey restaurant...

PS. I am available on Monday

but I understand with all the great ladies I know its a hard choice..
sincerely Lorena de leon

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