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If you wanted to sit and have a casual drink inside the Bellagio and have the best view of the fountain where would you go?  Been in the Bellagio many times but never to just sit and check out the fountain.  I'm sure they have a bar/restaurant or two right near the water.  Thanks for the help. And yes, the first person to tell me the best place to see the fountain from inside the Bellagio is from inside the Bellagio needs a better sense of humor... ;)

It's a japanese restaurant and lounge that is fountain side. There's a few others as well, call their concierge.

There is a patio that you can sit and eat and drink that sits right on the water - great view.  If the breeze is just right you might even catch a little mist from the fountain show.

If you are going during their busy time - usually 7 p.m. to around 10 p.m. just make sure you make a reservation and specify that you want to sit on the patio that overlooks the fountains.

Have fun!!

Place is Hyde inside the Bellagio.
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Cin Cin

Hyde is an amazing place to have drinks and watch the fountains.

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...a window seat at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.  You can watch the fountain show over and over while having a nice dinner.

Been there, done that....I'd go there for dinner but this is just going to be drinks for someone that's never been to LV before...thanks for the suggestion, it's still a good one.

How tough would it be to get in on a Friday night?  Is it bottle service only?  Is it a younger crowd club scene or mixed?  Sorry about all the questions but I don't do much clubbing (basically none)  Thanks for the help.

I was there this past Friday night and there was no line at all to get in. We did not have bottle service and still had a great show of the fountains. It was a mixed crowd of 30s to 50s and good pop music with some 80's music thrown in.

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