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Introduce you to the one and only Cytherea. You wont be dissapointed

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I know it's a part of life and a part of this game, but man, change disappoints me.  Pardon the alias, I just don't want to offend anyone who I still haven't seen and want to.  I'm in Vegas 3-5 times a year and I enjoy the ladies there.  For the most part, they're all smart, beautiful women who are fun to be around.  But I must admit that in planning for my next trip this weekend, I was disappointed by some of the changes I've seen.  Gone are many of my favorites - no names, but some blondes, some Koreans and a certain Thai (even though she's been gone a bit).  While there are still many wonderful ladies left, I have to admit I got into a groove and will miss those ladies who have left.  While planning, I also noticed the ad site that starts with "city" is no longer as populated as it was before, and even the "e" site is down on ads.  That was funny to me because back even two years ago there were probably 3-4 pages of fake ads on the "e" site.  Ladies, is there just a move away from those sites, or is this a sign of the times?  
Regardless, I will miss certain ladies, and I know it's part of the game.  But I think a lot of us Vegas visitors have been spoiled for a long time.  Let's hope the new players can hold a candle to the ones who've left and the ones who are still holding down the fort.  See you ladies Friday ;)  

And heck, while we're at it, ladies and gentlemen, who do you miss?

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i missss da daze of a $20 blow job

acertain pro named scarlett ???? she left about a year ago when i had an appt...went to cali, never kept the appt,,,haven't seen a review since...did she get married ???

I advertise on that site you mentioned and have lots of great reviews here too. I will be around this weekend so if you would like to try something new and different... pick me! Super friendly, hot, horny, sexy, out-going Kiwi.

Best to email me: or call/text: 702.426.9083

Introduce you to the one and only Cytherea. You wont be dissapointed

Not sure what is all that Sad but IMO, the quality of the ladies in LV today are better then the early 2000's and CERTAINLY much better then the 90's. (Can't tell you what happened between 2003 and 2008 because I was out of action with a wife.)

Heck... Pre 2010 there was NO WAY you could call up an agency such as Haley Heston's Private Collection and be pretty much guaranteed a good time with a rocking hottie with a couple of hours notice. (yeah... that's me and that's why I love Haley. She puts up with my shit and takes care of me after I'm out and about and I get the urge.)

Before that.... it was a Crap's shoot when you got a wild hair up the arse....

Regardless.... You also need to keep in mind that maybe... Just Maybe.... some of the quality ladies you know and love just don't need to advertise anymore. I know several that you won't find actively advertising for new clients but are still in business with repeat clients.

Change is good.... I've personally watched this business evolve into something pretty special.

Who do I miss seeing over the years? Nobody.... ladies move on to bigger and better things and the ladies special enough to see are doing things to improve themselves and personally.... those are the ladies that I really like. So I certainly don't miss them when it comes to the "Biz" because I know they have transitioned on to something better using their people "skills" that will carry them on well through their life.

You can't be a top notch provider forever.... I'm certainly not as good looking as I was back when I was 30 years old.... LOL!


Who do I miss, from a few years ago?   I've wondered whatever happened to Asian Jackie, and the 4'10" of dynamite, Arianna?  And, who could ever forget Chasely/Kadi/Nico Veneta--that sexy woman of many names and personalities?  However, there is such awesome talent in Vegas these days, it's easy to meet someone newer to the scene and enjoy a great evening.

Did you read her latest review???   "*i*k* arrived on time. ......"    Really?  Now that would be true reformation!  LOL

Arianna was my first, and none have come close since. I hope that she is enjoying life, wherever she is.

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