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Andrew You have Great taste in ladies!! eomregular_smile
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I have just returned home (North Chicago) from a couple days in Vegas. I met a very nice lady while i was out here and wish I could have seen here again.


1. Are the ladies who work in Vegas nicer than any other cities ?
2. Are the ladies here (Vegas) more cultured (i.e. see more confident and are used to dealing with all lifestyles, international clients)  and more confident ?

Just a couple observations with Vegas Ladies.
The lady I saw spoke 3 languages,
Some ladies with be happy the walk the casino floor with you (not caring the way you look), been seen in public.

I have only seen 1 lady outside of Vegas and it was BP hell - so I am a novice to other places and honestly I am just saving for a return visit to Vegas and will limit myself to ONLY seeing Ladies in Vegas.

Vegas really does have it ALL. (maybe that should be to city new slogan)

Las Vegas certainly has a stellar reputation and successful escorts there are highly regarded. However, my experience has been you can come in contact with women from coast to coast having the same attributes.
Often they are available at much more attractive rates as well. Do your reseach here and on other boards and you will find what youre looking for. Chicago being a very large city certainly has providers who live or visit which would fill the bill for you!
Happy hunting!

There is something about the "connections" made here amongst providers and hobbyist and this board that adds to the level of eroticism.  It's like being part of a special club, it's like having an orgy one girl at a time.

Vegas providers seem to be in their own subset as the experience is much different than in other cities , whether that's the providers or the electric environment that is Vegas.  I would agree with the earlier response above that many cities providers are wonderful and offer fabulous experiences, there is something different in the Sin City.  I like it all!

Glad it worked out for you, Andy. Sometimes good things happen to good people. I don't live in Vegas but that is the only place I play.

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