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Sherri's Ranch reviews??
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When I look at Sherri's webpage, and see a nice looking girl, then try to find a review on her, I don't find anything.  Is there a special page or site for reviews of legal brothels?  There are reviews on Sherri's main page, but that's not the same thing at all.  I mean, it's like a Ford review on the Ford wepage.  How about reviews on an independant site? Thanks

Do a google search for "sex-in-nevada" and follow the link at or near the top of the page.  It should take you to an independent site about LPIN (legal prostitution in nevada).  I didn't post the url, since I'm pretty sure that would be in violation of TER's policy.

Also, brothel owned websites are the worse places for finding unbiased reviews.  They're all fluff and you won't get any real information.

IMO, reviewed independants are much more satisfying and better "bang for the buck."

I followed Tawny Brie from Sheri's to Vegas.  You have to pay the house half$$$, so that doubles the cost of a party.   Also legally, the ladies at Sheri's don't suppose to give you bbbj or anal...of course if you pay  $3000k for the bungalow....

Joy and Logan are ok, YMMV, good luck.

sheris= G+
chicken half a G PLUS TIP
independant   half a G including tip plus most likely a lot more fun if you choose correctly.

I'm begining my research as I am going to vegas soon.  Have been at the ranches and I will say you need to go once and then move on

Go to the advance search page, enter United States for country, Las Vegas for city, and Sheri for location, or chicken for location.  Sheri's has 48 reviews, chicken ranch has 24, approximately 3 in the last year for both, prices are under 1k for the hour and the scores are moderate.  They also quote times in 15 minute increments (30 min, 45 min).

April Luv would be a good resource as she has worked both places and has posted here in response to these brothel threads, but if you going to talk to April you might as well book her;..for 1k....... You should check out her web page...too good to be true (IMHO).

sherris ranch is not worth it unless you are a skilled negotiator i have beeen there twice and i have totaled 5 hours  and $5800 you can find many skilled providers who are great in vegas for much less and will have a better time with than going out  to  sherris

with some of the best ladies In Vegas.....with BBBJ and no cover for DATY.....which you can't get at a brothel.

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