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I have seen the same trend myself. Some of them look pretty HOT too. I hope this doesn’t drive our favorites out of town.

or does Vegas have a lot more providers and touring providers than it used to?  Lately it seems like the boards and ad sites are lighting up with more and more providers.  It seems I see posts here about providers moving to LV or touring more frequently.  I know when you buy a new car it suddenly seems like all of a sudden there is a ton of that model on the road and maybe I am just paying better attention, but it really seems like the competition or selection (depending on how you look at it) is growing.

I have seen the same trend myself. Some of them look pretty HOT too. I hope this doesn’t drive our favorites out of town.

Not!!! Such a fun, party town.... Last week I had friends visiting from New Zealand and other places and took them out every night! Where else in the world can you be naked on the Lake, attend fabulous shows every night, fantastic clubs, live bands playing all the time, wonderful concerts... Plus the housing is cheap, weather is great and lots of people coming into town all the time for conventions... it's a no brainer!

...visiting me!  :)

My friends who are providers choose Vegas as their LAST place to "tour" to.  Vegas is notorious for being a saturated market.  So, unless said visiting provider is willing to "hustle" and work nonstop during his/her visit, the trip will likely not be beneficial financially.  

Most of my friends in this industry are low volume, like myself.  So unless s/he is already headed here for a convention, conference or to visit me, Vegas "work" trips are out of the question.

As far as moving here...I ended up here on accident and I quite enjoy it!  As KiwiGirl mentioned, there is so much to enjoy here, plus such an easy trip to California, Utah, Arizona (Sedona!!), etc...
Not to mention, I've met the most amazing people here.  I've found a community that truly works for me.

Hugs, all!

I figured that I could take my "skill set" anywhere in the world. So I thought about were I enjoy being the most and Vegas came to mind. This has been my go-to vacation spot more often than any other city in the US. Now I feel like I am on vacation every day.

I'm surprised there are not even more...

What other city can you go to where they hand out cards all over the main tourist area of rip-off agencies, 50+ pages of rip off agencies advertising in the phone book and ads from rip off agencies all over the place including cabs and mobile billboards? Not just rip-off agencies.... but services that charge far more then the true providers we all know and love.

Unfortunately... there are more suckers getting ripped off every night in Las Vegas from not knowing about TER and there is more then enough pie for the true providers to do quite well in LV.

Personally... I think all of the true providers of LV should get together and pay to pass out cards on the strip enlightening the suckers about TER so they don't get ripped off.

I play a lot of poker on the strip... pretty amazing how many people I talk to interested in meeting up with a provider that have no clue.

From conversations... I would say less then 5% of the LV market has ZERO clue about the True providers available from places such as TER.

Don't even get me started about all of the money being wasted in the LV strip clubs.

Far as I'm concerned.... LV is not even close to saturation with true providers.

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