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Bad economy
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Some may be expecting  more service since $$$ is harder to get.

I've been noticing a rash of lower reviews for many of the lovely providers that in the past have gotten high reviews. What could be the problem? I don't think that its the girls.......maybe the low reviewers are fat angry men with small dicks,.......con't think of anything else, lmao

I've seen 10's straight across the board for some providers I've never even heard of reviewed by reviewers I've never seen on this board that are a little shallow in reviews.

I do know what you mean though.... some lower numbers and then I read the review and it seems like they had the best time of their lives.

Then I see 10's and 10's for some very pricey unknown providers that seem to all have something in common...  and it's not the 10 looks in my opinion.

It's certainly not a perfect system and I don't expect it to be.

At the end of the day .... I check who is doing the actual reviewing / who they have reviewed and don't really rely on Joe Schmoe's numbers if somebody catches my attention. Some reviewers are as good as gold.... others... not so much worth paying too much attention to.

Just my thoughts...

For speaking her mind about something.

Those of us with healthy self esteem just brash it off and keep on rocking the world!


Big-Bad-John528 reads

And that's a pretty lame excuse anyhow.

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Like they are giving out candy. Sometimes it is good to see some scores that are not inflated by hobbyists who are more interested impressing providers then helping their fellow hobbyists with honest accounts. Hobbyists that throw out 10's on half their reviews have much less credibility if any.
More then likely it is the guys with the smallest dicks and lack of self esteem that are the biggest grade inflators.

Sometimes a provider changes...dramatically. Just giving 8,9 or 10 because a provider has gotten them before means nothing. Yes, a provider can have an off day, but she is paid to act. And there is a difference between a "less than perfect" session and a "bad" session, particularly when a lot of money is involved. A review should be polite, but frank. I thought that was the purpose here.

Some may be expecting  more service since $$$ is harder to get.

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