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Re: I have a more then a few things on your wish list!
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Love your response that you "can be mature."  That is too funny!   After all, why be mature when you can be ridiculous.  Have fun, and I have got to see you on my next trip to LV.  Here's hoping that you will not have matured much by the time I see you.  :)

Going to be in LV from May 22-24...

Wish list:

Tall -  I am tall, would love a tall one
MILF -   I love my ladies to be mature
Great Legs - THIS IS A MUST
Asian -  Optional, I doubt any tall asian
Greek -  Optional, just seeing if it exists
Outcall -  Since I will have no wheels, no choice
No more than 1 tattoo -  THIS IS A MUST

Any suggestions or takers.  Love to hear back soon!!!

Definitely have legs!! Not Asian but from down that way (New Zealand)... no tattoos or piercings... in town...

become a member and do a search.

You can select specifics (height, race) etc.

I am sure Vegas will exactly what you are looking for. I wish I could meet more women; but I will say the few I have met have been very nice, sexy, beautiful and did I mention sexy.

Have fun - Vegas is the best place on the planet.

Hello LOD
and others!!
I Love to play !! You can even pull my hair .I adore it!!
Now in regards to other desires.. I do have tattoos!.. As You Can see from my body.. Not tasteless..
If I am Not what you desire .. I completely understand and there are many other beautiful ladies out there!!

I just read MILF..
I couldnt resist -)
That I am
Besitos and sexy kisses and warm hugs
Lorena de Leon aka Lovely Lorena

And would love to play with you
Squirting Fun
Tori Blake

I'm Tawny Brie and although I'm not Asian and don't have kids, I think I have just about everything else you're looking for. I'm 5'8" and can wear the highest heels imaginable, my debauchery package includes just about anything and everything in your wildest fantasies, and I'm often complimented on my legs. I'm also mature for my age and have NO tattoos on my soft creamy skin. I love to give and get a great time (don't be stingy with the lovin' lol!) and can hold my end of a conversation on just about any topic. Take a peek at my site and reviews and if you like what you see and read, drop me a note or give me a call... I'd love to hear from you!

Kisses and licks ;-),

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