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Cindy Spice has an alternative screening method and loves couples - eom
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Hi all!

Following on from some good advice on a post we just put up in the Newbies girlfriend and I are going to be in Vegas for a day or two on 19th May to celebrate my 33rd birthday! We're looking for a provider to spend some time with us and make it pretty memorable - and just trying to be a bit careful of scams and stuff so wondering who's happy with couples as figure a lot arent? Its first time for both - we're not on 411 yet as we weren't sure if it would work for us as we live in Sydney, Australia?! We're completely happy for screening however it done. Guess we just want our first to be Hot, fun and safe?!

Thanks for any recommendations/help!

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Choosing among the bevy of beauties available in Vegas.  If you have VIP membership, do a search of the Vegas database, putting in your criteria.  I recommend sticking with a well reviewed companion.  Peruse the Top 100 LV gals.  Check out the LV AD forum.  

I suspect you'll get quite a few responses here on your post....and if you have VIP, some PM's as well.  Have your g/f assist with the selection.  

Have fun, mate!

I know we Kiwis and Aussies sometimes have a bit of rivalry but at least you will know I will get your humor!
I love couples and have quite a few excellent reviews and should be in town then too. Email me at

I adore couples and have several reviews from couples i have seen. I truly enjoy both men and women and even more a happy couple that plays together.

I invite you to visit my site and I hope to hear from you soon

LaRue McCay
Your Vegas Pin Up Bombshell

plus she is from New Zealand .. that may make for a great time.. This is a hard one..I would nominate myself yet, Im still taking this week to get back in full swing..
A lil list
Tawny Brie!!
Cindy (magical) Spice
Miss Logan..
Audry Wynn if she is a couples gal..
Bianca Beauvais..
January Class
Nikki Avalon (your Playmate )
Sweet Sara
Sara Presccott(I believe she retired)
feel free to pm me..or maybe  do an advanced TER search of reviews..
Again, I would nominate me..yet, I only want to be 110 percent when Im with my friends (wink)y to go to the lady you like and ask her to direct you to her couples reviews
Lick ,Lick :-)
Lorena De Leon aka Lovely Lorena
there are a lot more I adore

Good Luck.

I would definately select a lady who has been reviewed on this site. Also message the reviewers if you are not sure on the review.
Avoid backpage ads. Try to avoid craiglist

Is this your first trip to Vegas ?
The city will make you fall in love and the selection of Women is just amazing. I have not met too many - but all the ladies I met from this site have been amazing. They are honest in what they will and will not do.

List what is important to you and your GF (especially your GF)  - like shaved, hair color, race, height, size.

Do a search and you WILL find your perfect companion.

Finally Enjoy - most men reading this are already jealous, good luck, be safe and have fun.

Hmmmm, is this your g/f?  Well, in town on the dates you referenced and she's stated she's moving on to the next chapter in her life.

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