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Last minute
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So I planned poorly, procrastinated and didn't setup anything in advance. Is anyone available tonight (Sun) or tomorrow night (Mon).


Myself and I'm sure many other ladies here will be happy to save you my dear....
Check out my site and if a mature busty lady is what your looking for..I could be the one for you.

Nice pictures! You are Definately hot!!

You can also contact the reputable agencies, HHPC, LV100Proof and CuriousClass.  But be prepared for screening.  

Hi luvie, I'm available if I am your type.
If not hopefull you find someone to have fun with.

Always have fun and play safe.

When I do a last minute thing and make the phone call, Haley has always come through...  

I'm sure there are others.

Give me a call let's get naughty and wet together
Squirting Fun
Tori Blake

Your poor planning may have been a lucky thing indeed! lol jk
My name is Jayla Starr and I'm a petite porn princess who live in Vegas.
Search online, check my reviews or check out my website and see if we match!
If so, shoot me a text or call and let's hook up

Jayla Starr

I'm in the same boat.  Tonight is my last night and I didn't plan anything in advance.  This is my first time back in Vegas since my bachelor party over a year ago (Thanks again LaRue)!  I need to figure something out quick.  =)

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