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60 something and 20 something = OK?
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Just wondering. Perfect? Gross? What do the ladies think? The gents? Anybody? Bueller?

60 something and 20 something = OK. For me, in the hobby, definitely ok. I usually see ladies a little older than that but I have seen some 20 somethings and I'm fine with it. Based on what most of the ladies have said to questions similar to this one they are ok with it too.

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I had two nice "dates" with a 27 y.o. over the last two years when I was 59/60.  She was a sharp girl with a college degree, so I didn't feel like I was with someone that I had nothing in common with.

Sure she was younger than my son, but that's the whole point.  If I'm paying, I want it to be with someone I couldn't get in my ordinary life.  I'm paying for an experience, and part of that experience is a young face and body.  That's not to say there aren't also times I'd rather have an interesting dinner conversation with a 40 year old- and I mean a real 40 year old, not the 55 year olds that say they're 40.

I have seen ladies from 18 to 47.  Had fun with all ages.  Saw the 18 y/o when I was 58.  Have seen quite a number of 20-somethings since turning 60.  However, I have found that I have mainly been visiting with ladies over 30, no particular reason, it just seemed to happen.


I can tell people are looking at me like I'm an old fool; but at least I'm a happy old fool.

it can be even more interesting if the older woman with ice in her eyes is one you know socially. it happened once. in that case maintaining something of a "disreputation" is an advantage: it goes no further than the glacial glance, at least to your face. folks will talk among themselves. appeals for reform go nowhere. ;-)

but the flip side is how the younger guys react. some of the ladies dress a bit provocatively, and in that case the young-uns kind of smirk knowingly or enviously. my (so far) youngest provider friend dresses very simply, attractively, and not to draw attention. in that case the young guys are in a state of total confusion: "is she paid? is she his daughter? she doesn't look like him! but then again.. maybe...".

it's a little extra entertainment. ;-)

I take my 21 year old daughter out to dinner on many occasions and never got the stares, but when I take a PYT out it's a whole different ballgame.

There are variations too.

Not long ago I was out with a stunner and some guy at a table nearby was giving her the eye while his wife was tossing daggers with her eyes at him.

All and all a pretty interesting spectacle.

And unless you were to ask the guys/gals that are staring at you/your gal pal just what they are actually thinking, all you can really do is "surmise".

If you think about it logically (and that may not be actually happeing here), if you are with your 21 yo daughter and nobody thinks anything about that, how can you really think that if you are with a 25, 35 45 yo provider that anyone would really think that she is a paid companion?

I have been out with some very nice looking gals at public places, but the gals always dress appropriately.  And I can also feel those "eyes" checking her out (maybe they're checking me out...but I doubt it).  But also when I have gone out with my 25 yo daughter (who I think is absolutely adorable...but I am the Dad and that is what we think), I see similar eyes checking her out.  But I have never really considered that these guys/gals are thinking anything other than "what a lucky guy to be with that gorgeous gal".

Or maybe that is just how I care to rationalize that to myself.

i notice differences in experiences out  _within_ each category. work occasisionally places me in social situations with young attractive women too. "checking out" may or may not happen depending on demeanor, mood and attire.

an olderlady once did the icy stare once when i was out with a daughter and we were just cracking jokes. i guess we were having too much fun and i wasn't authoritarian and dad-like enough.

in the civy world i've dated women who were older or younger by a large age difference. (the older wman was very, very fit and a real fooler age wise.) so i am used to being stared at while folks try to figure out "whazzup widat".

while i am most comfortable seeing women in their 30s and 40s, my best provider pal is in her 20s and now in graduate school. my ATF is no longer in her 20s.

as long as the lady acts maturely and like a lady if / when we are in public, i have no problems.

I have never had an issue with 20 year old providers. I usually see late 30 early 40's but that is because I found that most 20 to 30 year old's I have seen were not true GFE as far as what I expect  and those are the type I tend to repeat with. It maybe the opposite and the 20 year old's fine it harder to pull off a fantasy match with 60 + men.

To not respond to an alias op.  I think it’s a compliment to all of us that this board is unmoderated and frankly there doesn’t seem to be much need for a moderator.  Posts are mainly positive, aliases thankfully do not abound and the ugly language and negativity that has infected some other boards seems to be not present here.

We are all supposed to be older and wiser so I shall try to act that way and not jump to any conclusion as to why the alias suffice it to say that INMHO alias posts often lack a certain amount of sincerity.

That said, I have no interest in women under 40, keeping in mind that many here who advertise 30’s are in fact 40’s anyway.  And for me I find what is between her ears to be every bit as important (perhaps even more so) than what is between her legs.  There is no better way to “hide someone” than in plain sight and a secure competent business woman like my current atf fits the bill to a “T”.  

Kids and grandkids alike know that Grandpa legitimately interacted with beautiful women in the business world before he retired so it is only natural he continue to do so.  For 44 fortunate years I had the world’s best wife, better than any man ever deserved; a lady in public and a tigress in private.  I am and will always be forever IN LOVE with her but for now it is indeed gratifying to love a true courtesan at the top of her game and be loved by her in return. (and yes I do know it's a business) A lady totally at ease in a five star restaurant, jazz club, theater, sports event, dressed to the nines or stark naked and naturally beautiful sans makeup by dawns early light.  I could not find that among the “killer widows” in the civie world and at 82 (even though I look 20 years younger) I would feel completely out of place not just in public but also in private with young spinner types.

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Just wondering. Perfect? Gross? What do the ladies think? The gents? Anybody? Bueller?

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I find them very enjoyable.

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As long as she's older than my youngest granddaughter.

In general, I get a little uncomfortable especially is she's gorgeous. I often get the vibe that she'll do what's desired but the real responsiveness isn't there especially is she's GFE, PSE on the otherhand can be fantastic.

She was a porn star from the golden age, and still attractive. Enjoyed dinner afterwards. Nice lady.

There's something about being with an older gentleman that completely turns me on and I also have no problems at all being seen in public showing PDA.

I have been seeing a woman in her 20s and pregnant. We had a date yesterday and then dinner after. There were stares but we were into each other enough that we didn't care. I find I can relate with her and the time just flys. She will be on "leave" in a week or so to have the baby and I expect we will see each other on just a friend basis untill she is back in action. With her I seem to go more than one pop as we joke and cuddle. I have several other women that I see on and off that are nice to this old man. I look for a woman that has some brains with a great body.
I don't give a damn what others think I was faithful to my wife for 50 years and now that I am widowed I intend to enjoy the time I have left.

I have one regular who is 45 and another one, saw her Saturday, who is in her mid-20's. I'm 61 and neither lady has expressed a concern. It's how you conduct yourself that matters.

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