Las Vegas

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Hi all,

Longtime lurker here returning to Sin City after too long an absence - can anyone recommend a provider(s) who offer a full "menu" plus allow photos and video?



I don't mind pics or video and neither does tawny. Even better is that her and did this together just last week

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We dont want you forgetting any of what Las Vegas has to offer...And I think starting with that Caramel Model delight is a great suggestion ;)

I hope to hear from you soon darling! Have a beautiful weekend!

Cum find me darling....I'll be waiting...
Michelle xx

I'm a certified porn princess and I'm cool with pics & vids
Check me out online!

Be happy your coming now before it gets way too hot, lol
plus... hot weather means smaller clothes! lol

Tawny remembered me from (literally) years ago!  What a woman!

Thanks for all of the replies and suggestions!


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