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Visiting soon - what listing sites for LV?red_smile
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I'm going to be visiting LV for the first time and am curious to know which listing sites are popular for LV providers. RS2K is pretty popular where I'm at but it doesn't seem so for LV.

Thanks for the assist!

TER has a pretty damm good list of providers.  Are you talking about reference sites?  Preferred411 and Date-Check are probably a bit more prevalent in the LV market than RS2K.

Not to mention, some of the ladies gave me tons of problems.

We have nobody like Cathy here in Vegas.  I've met clients through her site that have been using her service since the '80's.  She is a gem.

As Ol_Desperado said, P411 is probably the best place to find legitimate ladies by searching photos.  Unfortunately you have to become a member and it is about $89 a year, last I knew.

Probably your best bet is to spent the money and a bunch of time sifting through reviews on this site.  You can always make an ISO post here.  However, you will get a number of "pick-me" girls who reply to everything and a few assholes telling you to do some research.  You might still get a few good responses though.  ;)
Tell my your type and I will tell you who I know personally who fits.

Thanks. I guess I could have been a little more clear. What I was really interested to find out is if there were any particular sites that the LV ladies tend to post ads on. I've seen that this changes a lot by region and in some places CV is popular where in others maybe it's RS2K or Eros.

Sounds like LV likes TER though, which is totally cool and makes it easier :)

Thanks everyone.

I use eros myself... but cityvibe is good as well I believe.
I guess I should be posting on these other sites guys have mentioned since eros is so expensive and no one named it yet lol

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