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Hotel room/suite with 2-person tub?
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Question for hobbyist and ladies:
I will be in town April12-16, planning on meeting a few ladies.
Am looking for a room/suite with a double tub...any recommendations?Max $250 for the night, for the room
Pre-requisites: Smoking room, on the strip, with on site casino
Many thanks

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are looking for.  Bellagio, Venetian,  RIO (but it's not on the strip), MGM, Cesars, Luxor.  Geeze thinking about it I think they all probably have those types of rooms available.  I'd just go on-line and look or you can call them too.

Have a great trip!!

has tubs that can accomodate up to three people that overlook the strip...



I'll confirm that and I bet I may have been able to slip you in, Samantha, for a 4th!  Now where's my rubber duckie????

Here's a second vote for the Monte Carlo. I had a Jacuzzi suite there on a high floor with a strip view last year. I booked my appointments to coincide with sundown and the view was amazing! Also got a great deal at the time too (105 a night). Monte Carlo isn't the fanciest hotel, but it suited my needs perfectly and I actually appreciated it's laid back, modest character. If you want some over the top opulence, it's a quick tram ride to the Aria and Bellagio. There was no security too, so no problem having the ladies come straight up to the room. Monte Carlo = hobby fun!


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