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Poll: Which Porn Star has the best tramp stamp tattoo
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Here's my votes..

1) Kylee King - Interesting tribal lines

2) Tory Lane - Nice touch

3) Ava Devine - If I'm not mistaken, in that new video that surfaced, she added to her tramp stamp.
I've been up close and personal to her tramp stamp and there's a lot going on with that tattoo.  :)


almost too many to limit it to just a few- but that being said- I'll go with the aforementioned Tory Lane- who I also voted for having the filthiest scenes

Lisa Sparxxx
Queeny, here in Boston

Hope to get a chance with:
Ava Devine

deleted msg, keyboard screwing up.

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I can't be a judge of best, but I can't seem to figure out the tat's on Mya Nichole. Are the tattoos going on or coming off?

I saw Ava D's new tattoo on her lower back and I have to say I am far more excited by her increasing return to porn (and please please please to providing) than by her tattoo. But it was weird with one of those recent scenes, as part of the scenes dialog, how the topic of a divorce was touched upon.

Yep, a lower back tattoo is commonly referred to as a "tramp stamp":

I must say I certainly dig your tattoo!  :)


Thank you, I don't follow the urban dictionary, and frankly was not amused at the defintion.

On the lower back of a female - right above the butt.

However, your tattoo is special in it's own way! :)
The last time I saw you (years ago) you didn't have that tattoo, you just had your first piercing.

It turned me on then, just like it turns me on now.


Okey Dokey, learn something new everyday.  Glad you like them, they are fun to play with!

gotta be darryl hannah, not too mention, she tastes like candy

csmith_272748 reads

Krystal Steals.  Love it or maybe it is just her ass.

Then I will have to agree with Allie Sin and then Morgan Layne with the stars.

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