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Perhaps something in B&W is a little more enticing... ;)

The air was full of sun and birds,
The fresh air sparkled clearly.
Remembrance wakened in my heart
And I knew I loved her dearly.

The fallows and the leafless trees
And all my spirit tingled.
My earliest thought of love, and Spring's
First puff of perfume mingled.

In my still heart the thoughts awoke,
Came lone by lone together -
Say, birds and Sun and Spring, is Love
A mere affair of weather?

~Robert Louis Stevenson

I love this time of year, it's invigorating, it's intoxicating and it's the time I get to bring out my cute little dresses and put away my bulky winter wear. What better time to indulge in a date with a tall, slender companion on your arm?

If you would like additional information about me please visit my website, also I will be travelling to a few new cities this summer so if you would like to be added to my mailing list to be notified of upcoming visits in either Canada or the USA send me an email and I will be sure to respond.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you soon!

Perhaps something in B&W is a little more enticing... ;)

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