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Colorado's Finest Visiting June 14th-15th!!
CSGeisha See my TER Reviews 9086 reads

I normally do not "tour" however a family obligation will have me in the area where I grew up - Seattle and Portland for a one time limited engagement.  I prefer to spend time with those who enjoy a fine woman and appreciate what she has to offer you!

A stolen glance, a slow, sensual smile, and a laugh that will lighten your heart....

With over 100 AMAZING reviews if you choose to walk down the wild side with me you will forever be a changed man! ;-)

I have the looks of a southern Californian with long, natural blonde hair; sparkling, mischevious blue eyes; and a petite toned body from spending most of my free time outside.  Combine this with the friendliness of a true born and bred Oregonian who has the ability to immediately put you at ease and you have a scintillating combination that tempts all of your desires!

$350 for the hour.  Rates on my website do not apply for this tour.

In addition I create sensual domination fantasy play...what are you dreaming about tonight?

**PLEASE KNOW THAT I DO SCREEN**   In addition if you choose not to disclose the fact that you are a reviewer and then go ahead and post a review I will automatically post you on blacklist sites.  For me this activity is fun and I prefer to spend my time in the company of gentlemen who enjoy it as much as I do and not as an ego booster for those who want to play a game.  Thank you!!

Lots of Kisses,

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