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Do you enjoy seeing guys that are 60+?  Is there anything I should say in trying to arrange an appointment to let a lady know what to (or not to) expect before booking me?  Perhaps a couple of items would be:

I do not not look like like Fabio
I can't do it fourteen tines
I like cuddling, kissing and touching

What do you think?

I do ask that gents provide an age on my booking form, but it's mostly so I can decide if I want to see someone under 35 yrs. old. I'm not ageist, but find that the younger gents aren't as respectful or savvy than those with a few years under their belt. I find gentleman over 60 to be well versed in the erotic arts and it's hott!

I would think it's sweet if you said "I like cuddling, kissing and touching" in an email. I like all those same things:)


Veronica Sweets

It's probably a good thing to not look like Fabio. He was never one of my top ten :)

Most providers have experienced all different ages and are very happy with a respectful guy of intelligence - no matter what his age and what he does or doesn't want to do. To add the things that you like would be an added bonus!

Good luck and enjoy!


I don't have a problem with any age!  
(as long as your legal!)


Of course I enjoy seeing guys that are 60+ as long as they act like a gentleman.  It is nice to talk with someone who has done interesting things in their life. Without going into graphic detail you should let us know what would make out time together most pleasureable for you.  If you say you are 60+ and you enjoy kissing & touching that would be great start.  If you ever get to LA, come by and see me.

Great question!

I like it when a gentleman informs me of his wishes because they can change from date to date.  One time, he may want one thing and the next time something else.  I think, regardless of age, communication is key.


I really like guys who are a few years older than me to late 60's
because he knows how to cuddle, he has character because he has
lived  little its fun . I don't think we expect you to do it 14 times but
the cuddling after the session is what makes the date a plus.

Just be yourself ...


fine with me. As long as a gent is clean, respectful and nice, age doesn't matter to me.

I love to cuddle & you know what you want, so we can enjoy ourselves!

I understand it may be an issue for some providers although I don't agree personally.

If he is a gentleman, clean and respectful then that is always paramount to me no matter what.

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