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Evite to be sent out shortly
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If you're on the existing party list, no need to reply/request attendance to yahoo email.

Good afternoon/evening ladies & gents,

On Wednesday, July 18th (8 weeks from tonight), there will be a M&G in the CT casinos area and you are all invited!
Again, this is not a new party, but a continuation of a very popular/well attended event here in NE which the host bowed out of recently.
Our own BobbiGFE (tranquilwaters) just hosted a very successful, well attended party for those who were eager for a party in the short-term.

My previous announcement mentioned a pool/cabana party (day prior or post) and I’m still working on this, but due to certain requirements of our party I’m not sure this will happen.
I will keep all who reply in the positive apprised as the info becomes available.
If you're not on the current extensive invite list, the following information must be provided:

Board handle
Strong references from 2 current listed/advertising provider(s) will be required; no exceptions.

Stage name
You must have at least 3 (good) reviews and/or very strong references from a currently well-know provider, no exceptions.

Please include name(s) and all relevant contact info in your email.
I will not be doing any gumshoe-ing, so please make sure to let said provider(s) know I (or someone working on my behalf) will be contacting them regarding you.  
And as I mentioned before, to keep all the info in one place, please email the following address with your “I’m in!”:

Hope you can attend,

Hiya Jhonny,

May I suggest?

The "BobbiGFE" sponsored M&G that she billed as the "CT M&G" was my first M&G ever.
It was terrific!

May I suggest you call yours something other than "NE M&G"?
There is this successful one that Bobbi put together "in the New England casino area" and will do again....
There is a Boston M&G....
And for life of me I don't understand why we don't just call each M&G by a state name.
i.e. We have a Boston.... Bobbi proved herself with a Connecticut.... Now lets see other M&Gs in Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and/or Vermont.
To me, one "sponsorship" of a M&G at one of our casinos is good enough.

I know you want to sponsor one as you said at "a casino".
And, the truth is, the Connecticut casinos are the largest casinos in the U.S, and bring in the best of any entertainment venue to anywhere in New England, but the "NE M&G" of the past sponsored by Radar is now a thing of the past.
I don't know the dude, but so many of us wrote him to try to pick up the pieces. And now, Bobbi's new party sponsoring appears to be the best of the best.

I failed miserably trying to do a "larger" cocktail party in February. My forte is my twice-a-month mini parties. Personally, I think it is almost too difficult for "a guy" to attempt to put together a good "large" party. I hope you may be an exception, but I truly feel a woman's touch (and leadership) is needed to put together a good "new" M&G. Maybe other guys elsewhere have made a go of it, but it is probably because they have momentum from having done them from the past.

Though I had a ton of fun at the CT M&G this past month, I went because of several "provider friends" vouching to me that Bobbi was A-OK and that it would be a safe event. Keep the "safety" in mind as you put together your soiree.

"Throwing" a party, or "sponsoring" one is not easy. I take my hat off to you for wanting to do something as monumental as pulling off a good M&G. Best of luck to ya!

Perhaps hurting you a bit going forward is that your jhonny8770 name is on the Evite list from the CT M&G this past month as receiving an invite but not giving the courtesy of any reply, i.e. you are on the "didn't respond at all" list. Perhaps your email addy was old. But you might want to look into that.

Good luck,

....................and will take them into consideration.

My reply to your post is this:
If you are concerned about me, please do your homework.
I can be researched as can most.
I'm not new, had many dates/posted reviews and gained the trust of some wonderful ladies.

My lack of presence here (board-wise) is absolutely intentional.
My safety/anonymity was/is my main concern.
I can assure all that the concern I have for myself will be transferred to this party and all attending can be assured of their safety/anonymity.
Anyone who is not on the current (screened) list will not be allowed entrance or access to the information provided in the Evite.
Any new guests will be thoroughly screened!
Beyond this, the choice is yours to attend.

Again, I invite all who wish to attend to do so; you will be greeted as a guest/friend.
And I would also ask that any/all prospective party venues/Evite info not be discussed.

Best regards,

If you're on the existing party list, no need to reply/request attendance to yahoo email.

.....please mention this in your email.
All requests will be honored!


If anyone attended the previous parties and did not receive an evite, send an email to the party yahoo address and I will resolve it ASAP!


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