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That cute blonde girl sitting beside you on the plane...
Bea.Weston See my TER Reviews 10883 reads

That girl in the cafe, that girl sitting beside you on the plane, that girl in the shop...

I'm THAT girl.

The one you hold the door for, make small talk in the elevator with, smile at while waiting in line.

I'm a 28 year old natural blonde with a great smile and a penchant for older men and nice hotels. I have a (slightly less scandalous) job that I love, but for years I have toyed with the idea of becoming a companion. Yes my friends would be shocked to discover my secret life (can I buy defibrillators in bulk?) but I am glad I took a leap to explore this... I am having a lot of fun as Bea Weston. I find connecting with strangers and making long standing relationships exciting and erotic - to put it mildly. Everyone has fantasies - and I fantasize about someone just like you.

Please visit my website for additional photos and information.

Take care,

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