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about the new jersey m&g, it will probably effect the entire metro area.

will anyone be taking over the hostings? , always found them to be fun

The bell cannot be unrung and we have yet to see the full implication of the recent incident. I don't think anything more needs to be said on the subject for a while.

What happended at the last M&G? I was hoping to attend my 1st on the next, but based on this post it's very unlikely. Please fill me in if not to much trouble please.

TBM is will be quite some time before anything of the scale of the Mixers is ever attempted again.  
Trust has been damaged, perhaps irreparably.

Smaller, private M&G's will likely fill the void, but these will be limited in scale and attendance, just as they were in the pre-Mixer days.   They also probably won't be talked about on the boards, either...

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