yes SCREEN Screen Screen!
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Yes.. Jannisary has very good advice! I would listen to it!

Thinking of visiting st. louis.. Any recommendations of what part of town to stay on??  Curious if I fit the standards of St. Louis

Where you stay depends upon what you want to do and how close you want to be to it. Downtown is a good place to stay if you want to visit the strip clubs. They are just over the bridge in Washington Park. Some escorts are downtown also, so that puts you close them and the ones that are on the other side of the bridge in Illinois. If you want streetwalkers, the south side is where they hang out at. The airport area has lots of hotels and escorts are using them also. It is a good area stay if you just want to travel to the south side.

Great advice so far.

Maryland Heights/Westport and Kirkwood are definitely places to avoid.

And make sure to screen. References are a must. The guys here are fantastic but like any city, there are some to avoid.

Have fun and if you need any additional help please feel free to PM me. :)

Very nice pictures!  I currently don't have VIP so don't know how your reviews and services offered really look.  If the pics are accurate you definitely fit or rise above the general StL standards.  

There are several local providers who could give you more info on the hot areas to avoid.  Hopefully one of them will chime in or send you a PM about it.  You definitely want to avoid the St.Louis suburb of Maryland Heights.  

If you do visit the main thing is SCREEN.  There is one guy (African-American) in particular who targets visiting providers to rob.  


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Yes.. Jannisary has very good advice! I would listen to it!

I would love to see you visit St. Louis. I noticed your ads in Indy last year, but I never got the chance to call you. Hope the trip happens.

Need help privately with safe and unsafe areas
Best Upscale areas that are trendy and easy access
I do screen but any other pertinent information for safety and to have fun

Would be soooooooooooo Appreciated

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