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and to think for years I thought it was
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a city in Egypt!LMps-Now I know what those white oval stickers with BFE in themreally mean!

My temper on the boards has long since been washed away with my flood of experience in learning how to deal with a plethora of issues.  AKA. Maturity.Quick summary.Last year.  Booked a trip to Boston.  Saw my dates. One guy attemped to physical hurt me and began acting like he was seriously mentally ill.  Had to call hotel security and even they said he was "ill".  Completely freaked out and still new to escorting, I flew home missing 3 bookings.  Refunded 2 though it took me some time.  The last gent told me he wanted to see me the next time I was in town vs. a refund of the deposit so I said "Great. I'll let you know when the next trip comes." This past week, posted for my upcoming trip to Boston in July. The same guy that told me he WANTED TO SEE ME now says I didn't give him his money back. Now I know of rivalries and politics and the like, but I just wanted to indicate here that there is a particular thread on another escort review site under Boston with my promo line.  Check it out if you might confirm that I really am a living breathing person that keeps my appointments. Somehow these gents are under the impression that I'm a rip off and I have 2 weeks worth of hotels and flights booked. Appreciate any support from guys that know me well.Luv,Heather BarronPS.  Please don't lie and slam escorts that you don't know just because you have free time. It does far more damage than you know. Be a man.  Be accountable or sit down and shut up.

Heather, I have never seen you. But speaking as a consumer, if I said that I wanted to see you the next time you were in town, what was your response on when would you be back in town? I am sure that his thoughts were that she should refund me my money and see me (some people are just that way). He proably thought that you  come to Boston a lot and that you would be back next month, not next year.As for "slamming" sometimes people just set themselves up for it. Look at Kathy Lee Gifford (or whatever her last name is these days), she said that she was perfect and that just got the wheels rolling. when you put yourself on a pedestal, someone is going to knock you off. Just a thought.....

Putting yourself in the public eye is not putting yourself on a pedestal. It is letting people know you are out there so that they can visit.  I'm not claiming to be Pamela Anderson. I'm me. But I catch your drift.  Let's just see some others take the same risks that I have at disclosure. Who is willing to reveal themselves, flaws and all?

The one thing I have always said about you is that you are honest and that I can respect. I don't know you and have never met you, other than the boards. You do have this ability to say what others think and are generally right on the spot. As for the sit, read my other posts. As for visibility vs arrogance, I am reminded of a person who had a Yahoo club. (you know who you are) She would get slammed by some people just because she was who she was. Some people are vindictive or bitter about their own lives and the computer is their way of lashing out without paying the penalty. Me? I just call it the way I see it, just like you. Back to the person I was talking about, she was this gorgeous creature and people would just slam on her. I have seen it done privately (you know the line, just between you and me...yadda yadda yadda)and women can be the worse. In order to make up for their own flaws, they destroy someone just to make themselves feel better about their own lives.

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Sounds like you're throwing down the gauntlet, but you're missing the point.  The people who do not reveal themselves do so for the very reason you suggest, because they don't want the risks.  You put yourself out there, so be prepared to take all that goes with it, the good and the bad.  Other providers do the same to a greater or lesser extent, but yet others do not.  Everyone needs to be insulated in some way.  Why do you think people use handles and fake names?  How many of the people who post would be willing to do it using their own name?Dobson(yes, it is my real name)

you mean 111 people read this response and not one person had anything to say? No one had an opinon or a disagreement with either myself or Heather on this issue? The board is here for open discussion. I know a lot of people do late night surfing but 111 people read this and not one had an opinon. What happen? The ball gag still in your mouth? LOL!

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Neverwuz, you wanted feedback on your posting...1. You lost credibility with me when you said that you were sure about someone else's thoughts.2. I don't see the comparison between Heather and Cathy Lee, or how Heather has put herself on a pedestal.  There's no way Cathy Lee has to deal with the kind of danger Heather does.3. I don't like the "blame the victim" theory.  You said "sometimes people set themselves up for it".  I've heard too much of that about rape and abuse victims.   --modified by mojo at Mon, May 14, 2001, 00:00:21

If you go into Island's and order Heather's favorite burger, Mushroom-swiss with fries, and for some reason you decide halfway through the meal that it was not right, chances are Island's is going comp the bill and offer to replace it. Sometime later, some manager from that Island's is going to a follow through and you will say, "well, my expierence was not too great" and he will send you a comp card for a free meal.Now, this getting good. Not only have you not laid any cash for the orginal burger but now you get a free meal for coming back. Sound's great? Now I have found through the my experiences, that there are some people that will do that on purpose or believe that everything should work that way. Call it stupidity, call it greed but there are some people who believe that they should get their way all the time."Blame the Victim?" no, I am not blaming the victim and for that matter, I am not blaming anyone. What I am doing is demonstrating the possible thinking of someone and yeah, I could totally be wrong.But I think that I might be right, if you could get something for nothing wouldn't you? How many people have gone into a strip club and all night long with one dancer? You spend all your money on one girl and she leads you one that you are getting her all hot and bothered and then at the end of the night. My perception, personally, is that she is really good at what she does for a living and can sell anything. But to the young and not-so-bright, they think she is hot for them and they will wait and see if she wants to go home with them. Sometimes, there are exceptions but most of the time the young-and-not-so-bright are just out a lot of money and the dancer is going home with her housepayment. Is he a victim? Yes, of his own stupidity. Is she the victimizer? Depends on how you look at it. To the guy, he is going to have to find how he is going to eat for the next 5-6 days without the paycheck he just spent or even worse, explain to his wife what happened. Again, his own stupidity. Did she mislead him? Proably but he is a big boy and he knows better. This is what she does for living, she just did a really good job at suggestive selling..LOL. As for any other questions, refer to my other post...

and Dear Ms. Heather, I read the thread.  What's to add?  I've noticed at times Heather that you may have to tended to overdo the integrity aspect in terms of your rhetoric.  But I have no doubt as to your integrity.  I too have never seen you (but I'm sure I will at some point - HBxx willing of course).At the same time, neverwuz makes a point that Mr. Boston may have assumed that you visited frequently (i.e. one of the girls "on the circuit") and perhaps didn't expect to wait so long for your return.  Did you give him an expected return date?  At the same time if you were good about contacting him and apologizing and offering to return the money, then unless he asked for something for free (or a discount) he shouldn't expect that.I see nothing particularly wrong with Heather asking for a little support from those here who know her and have something positive to say.

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Here's the bottom line as I see it.  If you take a deposit for an appointment, you should return it if you don't make the gig.  Yes, problems occur, but it's your integrity on the line if you don't.  It shouldn't be up to the client to ask for it or give you permission to return it, you should just do it, because that's the right thing to do.  He's more likely to send it again if that happens.

Now we got it going on. Finally some people responded and now I can respond.Has anyone ever heard the saying "between two points is where the truth lies?" Perception is 90% of all deals. If the gentleman,that Heather is talking about, perceives that she is the "the circuit" and has had dealings in the past with others who are, Heather did nothing wrong. All he did was base his jusdgement on prior dealings.As for the wacko, I have always said (and you can look at my prior posts) that the providers take considerable risk and that if the deal does not go down or if something is not right, ask them to leave. I DO NOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE TOWARDS ANYONE OR JUSTIFY IT!!! She was right in calling hotel security.As for the Kathy Lee reference, it was an example. Does anyone remember the self-promotion that used to go on? I still believe that discretion is the better way and that if you say you are the greatest thing since slice white bread, someone is going ask why is there crust?

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...Is that people can read whatever tone they want to into your posts. Or for that matter, they can invent whatever they think they heard in the silence between your words. Unlike some of the other posts on this thread, I think I completely understood where you were coming from the first time, Neverwuz. The Kathy Lee analogy was right on. Let me break it down for people:a) Kathy Lee put forth the idea that she was basically "perfect" or, in another way, people let themselves believe she was "perfect"b) Facts came to light that proved that she wasn'tc) The dogs attacked her for not living up to the hype.In the same way, clients' perceptions of Heather or her own PR leave her open to even more criticism if there is even one problem (and don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying she or the client did anything wrong... it's just a matter of perception...)- ss

Had it been handled in the manner this post would likely have no reason to have been made.  Other than to add that comment, I'm one of the 111 or so people who've read this thread without responding as I've nothing to say that's different than what someone else has already said.

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Okay let me get this straight:I have attack dogs eating hamburgers from an Island where Kathy Lee fell off a pedestal in Boston for a deposit that was confused by a psycho in Heather’s Hotel room.  And all of this is because we are blaming a dancer, as she really was the one eating the hamburger of some guy who was hoping for something (when it really could be the cooks fault) on the discussion board again in Boston where Greywolf hit someone in the head with a nail that fell to the bottom line of returning the deposit for a gauntlet named Dobson.  Who by the way is really Dobson’s name?  And in all of this are the two percentages that make up the perception of 90 points of truth.Is that right?Neverwuz, I think the reason that few people responded to you or this thread is that the issue at hand is at best confused.  The reason it seems confused is that everyone is basically right except for the guy in Boston who really should have dealt with this off line first before starting a Slam.  And if he did then even he would be correct to complain. It seems that you are correct in that people will slam you if you are in the public eye and even more so if the situation is confused – so try to be clear.  And also the reason it maybe be confused is that people will take advantage when they can.And that Heather is right in that – and I paraphrase --dude or dudette if you are going to slam someone in public at least have your s**t together because I did return the money like I said and thought I made the arrangement for the rest of the clients.  And if there is some confusion be a man and settle this in private. (She is smarter and has a better vocabulary than me so I apologize for any loss in my paraphrase of Heather’s part in this)And finally that Dobson is right in that if there is a problem return the deposit make damn sure it clear what is happening and then “do-over” if need be.If the above is correct then there is no issue as far as I can tell.--JPConfused and bewildered (my rest state)--modified by JP at Mon, May 14, 2001, 14:55:49--modified by JP at Mon, May 14, 2001, 15:43:11--modified by JP at Mon, May 14, 2001, 15:45:47--modified by JP at Mon, May 14, 2001, 15:56:04

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"passive agressive when we do not get the honors of his recaps of the stories. As to Heathers plight, I think the gentleman should have e-mailed her in private and discussed things. It does sound as though he made a conscious adult decision to wait until she returned to see her though and waived the rerurn of his depost.However, his decision to post about his percieved injury was not very adult!  However, is a reminder for clarity in all matters where money is concerned. Perhaps another e-mail inbetween the visits was called for by Heather? This might have helped reassure him that she would be out to visit at a later date and that he had not been forgotten.--modified by Nicole Of So Cal at Mon, May 14, 2001, 23:53:11

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I want to do some serious partying with that dude!

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Thank you Fairest and Naughty Nicole,But I do not qualify to fill a slipper of Passiv- Aggresiv much less his or her shoes.  As Passiv-Aggressiv has talent and me; well I just type fast.  But I will take the thought and be most thankful.To your point about clarity, you are most correct the two things in life with the most confusion around them are sex and money and when you combine the two-- things get about as clear as mud.--JP--modified by JP at Tue, May 15, 2001, 10:04:39

you dont need no stinkin shoes, nor slippers, and as for mud, walking thru mud can be a wonderful, cool, and sensual experience ... I'd even take my stilettos off for that!Still, yours was a very funny and "right on" summation! Agreed with the lovely Nicole!    ff--modified by feliciafoxx at Wed, May 16, 2001, 03:53:21

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Barefoot with FF ...hmmmmm.  Well I guess I would just have to endure it!;-)BTW since our feet are bare maybe anything else? lol.Thank you for the kind thought.--JP--modified by JP at Wed, May 16, 2001, 14:31:56

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Forgive me for disappearing so suddenly -- even precipitously -- after the incident that occurred during the last party of the high season -- you know it well, no need to call to mind the unpleasantness that transpired when M. burst back through the door, drunk and with several local toughs in tow.  Pardon as well, my failure to leave so much as a forwarding address, let alone any indication of my plans and state of mind at the time.  Suffice to say, I have entered a prolonged state of Melancholia, of the sort hobbyists -- like monks and other creatures of carnal introspection -- are often subjected, and have, as a result, decided to take the Rest Cure at a spa near Davos-Platz in the Canton of Graubunden, high among the Swiss Alps.  The schedule here is quite rigorous -- breakfast sharply at 7 AM, followed by a brisk walk from 9:30 to 10:45, then mandatory handjobs for the Gentlemen and head for the Ladies as provided by the unsmiling yet not entirely dispassionate attending staff.  A similar regimen occurs at each mealtime -- fresh lean meats, fruits and broth, stroll, and release.  Needless to say, my mood is improving, though I have a long way to go before contemplating so much as a lap dance let alone the rigors of normal hobbying outside this tightly controlled environment.  The resident physicians have decreed a news blackout -- the better to concentrate on the vascular issues at hand.  Nevertheless, visitors hail from all corners of civilization -- as far indeed as Van Nuys -- and one cannot help but overhear gossip, even regarding members of one's own hobby circle.  As you know, loose talk is not a vice in which I customarily indulge.  Unfortunately, Gossip, though blind, has ten thousand mouths and twice ten thousand ears, whispering and being whispered to, carried on countless chattering winds through innumerable windows, to and fro, this way and that, in out in out in out in out -- IN SHORT, Gossip is not to be denied.  And what has come to my ears -- one pair of twice ten thousand -- disturbed me no little.  From what I can surmise, JP was wending along, a shoe on one foot, a slipper on his head, when (and here the rumor gets somewhat garbled, not unlike the little game we played in school, when a quietly spoken "I fucked your mother!" would, by the time it went murmuring round the line, come back transformed as "No, I fucked YOUR mother!" much to the delight of both students and teachers) he took a header into a puddle of MUD.  So distressed am I at even the remote possibility that such a social disaster has befallen a fellow Gentleman (the near-surreal slipper and shoe juxtaposition does have the awful ring of truth), that I am prepared to cut short my Cure and set sail from Bremen on the first available ship to North America in order to rectify the situation, whether this involves hush money to witnesses or something more authoritative.  Please advise.As always, P/A

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did you bring enough for EVERYONE in the room?LMps- Thanks again for another tale.

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Whilst you are off on holiday in Canton of Graubenden, I shall be pursuing field research in the areas of vascular performance post op for prostate and vasectomy patients. The details of my study to be published in JAMA as soon as I have collected enough data to write my thesis. As a side study, I will also be conducting experimentation on the affects vascularization after ingestion of oatcakes, inhalation of cannibas sativa, and the affects of water temperature of above 98 degrees (hot tub usage).My studies will be conducted throughout LA, parts of SD, but most likely not in the Orange Curtain area, as it is dubious that the populace of Orange County has any need for my services in this area. It is believed that the populace of Orange County does not partake in activities that warrant testing and research on the vascular system. At that, they might not show up to the clinic for the conduction of such tests as they seem to have an aversion to such research.After I have finnished with my studies I intend to take a sabbatical in the Mauritianas where I will be busily combing the beaches for lost pennies and at night in pursuit of the ever elusive lepton. I shall also be induging in the legal inhalation of a substance hitherto illegal in these parts of town. My mind being not contented with merely enjoying the delights of the area, I will yet be conducting more research on the merits of foreskin for foreplay vs. the lack of. To more fully understand the nature of my research, please read the notes that I have written scattered throughtout the TER boards. I shall hope that you will commit to reading them as a prelude to reading my thesis on the vascular systems response or failed response to various stimuli as well as possible alteration of the vascular system due to surgical procedure, as will appear in JAMA. Next year my studies will be on the physics and chemistry involved in the Autonomic Response System. I believe there is a direct correlation between physics and chemistry in this subject.Yours Sincerely,Nicole Of Southern California

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The two of you (NOSC & PA) have reduced me to amateur status and exposed me for the hack that I am. The only problem P/A is I think all those high colonics (and don't even try to tell me you got out of Germany w/o the universal cure administered by a rather masculine yet strangely appealing nurse named Helga) may have adversely affected your ability to start a new paragraph.  I'm sure a continuation of your therapy will set you free of this blockage in the creative process, and your creativity will  gush onto the TER board in even greater torrents of prose.  We will all eagerly await your return at a safe distance.--modified by G2 at Thu, May 17, 2001, 11:58:20

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Kind and Noble sir,Davos at this time of the season is most soothing and provides the proper tonic to the black dog.  I also compliment your timing as now that those droll little businessmen and the ruffians that follow them about are gone- Davos is again at its best.Alas, I fear my situation has fallen on to your ears and to others, but the news of my slip (I guess making me a sliper of sorts) is overblown.  I have found myself in the mud yes, but it is bare footed and with the most charming Ms. FF and yes I maybe rolling about bare in the mud but it is with the best of company.  One could do worse.And as to other party news, Los Angeles, (so many parties what is one ever to do!) I do find myself again on the ground or more correctly in the ground with the dearest Nicole.  I have gone from rolling bare on the ground to the role of bear in the ground.  Again however it is with the best of company.So worry not as I am in most capable hands and with Fairest Felicia and Naughty Nicole as companions one good not ask for more.  And if one should be so plebian as to ask for more I am certain the creator could not provide it.It seems the care of the moment is what about these damnable STD = Soil Transmitted Distractions that seem to be a foot and all this talk of chemistry, physics, and the such?  And of course the actual crisis is how am I ever to break the news to my tailor as to the fate of my attire with all this loam on it.  My opera pumps will never be the same!  But given Ms. FF beauty and charm so worth the sacrifice.Well old chap know that your absence is sorely missed as your talents and wit are sorely missed and speedy recovery.--JPP.sRemember to keep starboard on the way home.--modified by JP at Thu, May 17, 2001, 17:58:02

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Lustman -- It's Absynthe, care for a shot of the green?Nicole --  I let lapse all my subscriptions to journals of medicine immediately after Harvey traced the circulation of the blood, supposing at the time that nothing much further could be said, physiologically speaking.  Your surprising and eminently testable propositions have shown the error of my ways.  Would you be so kind as to mail your results to me in manuscript form?  My summer reading would be assured.JP -- Relieved at your safety and good fortune.  As totem animal, the bear will do you honor.  The orsine clan, however, is not overly fond of puns.  Be careful.G2 -- Helga says "hello."

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Absynthe makes the heart go wander!LMps-stolen from someone somewhere!

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Dearest P/A, Could you possibly be induced to join me in the Mauritianas for the research I am doing on finding the elusive leptons? I could use a feild assistant in this area. A fewshots of absynthe ,would of course, be an acceptable prelude ot the adventure! I believe that you would do nicely in the area of helping to write the final draft on leptons.Might you be willing to assist me in my research on foreskin as well? I would like to do comparative studies whilst there, of course. As it stands, I did find myself in the Orange Curtain last night. However, my case study was none other than someone who hailed from the remote city of Van Nuys. So far, my theory of Orange Countians stands correct.Well, I am off to catch a plane to New Orleans for a brief respite from my work. I hear they have some of the finest Absynthe available in the French Quarter. Should you care to leave Helga, I shall be there for a fortnight or two.Yours Endearingly,Nicole

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P-A,Oh, La Fée Verte, be careful as look what it did to our friend Baudelaire.  Although Les Fleurs maybe worth all the trouble...Oh well, I will take pause or would that be paws to the indulgence in puns.  A weakness of my that I must troop through.Keep well.--JP--modified by JP at Fri, May 18, 2001, 13:11:10

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Alas, The fiend La Fee` Verte has taken control of my very soul. I am being held captive in the French Quarters at this very moment unable to pry myself from the liquid of verte, a shameful state of affairs! I find myslef in the company of the seamiest sort here in town. I would that you could resue me from my plight! JP, to the rescue! Alas, I am not sure where I am any longer though....Oh, to suffer the fate of Baudelaire! Okay, enough of this! I am on my way to diner at Diahglev for some vodka and caviar, etc!! Au Revoir! Back to the real world!!Champagne Kisses,Naughtiest Nicole xxxMe thinkest that the rest of TER has tired of our foreign escapades!

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Alas, The fiend La Fee` Verte has taken control of my very soul. I am being held captive in the French Quarters at this very moment unable to pry myself from the liquid of verte, a shameful state of affairs! I find myslef in the company of the seamiest sort here in town. I would that you could resue me from my plight! JP, to the rescue! Alas, I am not sure where I am any longer though....Oh, to suffer the fate of Baudelaire! Okay, enough of this! I am on my way to diner at Diahglev for some vodka and caviar, etc!! Au Revoir! Back to the real world!!Champagne Kisses,Naughtiest Nicole xxxMe thinkest that the rest of TER has tired of our foreign escapades!Perhaps preferfing a fine story told in Russian, or French, alas Greek defies my linguistic ability.

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And we're all counting the days until you do because the board doth sucketh without your wit and charm to give it life.

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Me thinkest though makest to muchest of my witteth! Now that aside, I shall not have any beads upon my return as the flight attendants requested I ditch them over the side during the flight. Not to mention that I was never truly in N.O. merely illustrating creative "licentiousness." Not to say that I do not wish that I had not been! Mardi Gras truly is quite the experience! I do have a number of beads left from my excursion several years ago and fond memories of hanging out with the New Orleans LE! However, that for another story!Soft Kisses and Warm Hugs,Naughtiest Nicole xxx

Citizens of Boston Beware!  It appears one of your native daughters is returning to her birth place.  She is coming back to town after  several years of self promoting herself in the Los Angeles area as the perfect perky prono princess GFE.  But Bostonians beware, she is coming with baggage and not just the kind you pack your clothes in!  She carries numerous bags for each of her nuumerous personalities.  I have previousllyread all her hype and

One of your native daughters is returning to her home town and she is carrying much baggage for each one of her numerous personalities. After spending the past year or so in Los Angeles self promoting herself as the Perfect Perky Prono Princess (PPPP)she has returned to offer Boston hobbiest the PPPP GFE.  But Bostonians beware!  You never know which PPPP persona awaits you when you arrive to meet her (Assuming she keeps the appointment or will not summarily dismiss you as unacceptable for her immedediate needs) I have met the imfamous Heather (aka PPPP)and have previously reported my experiencewith her on this Board.

One of your native daughters is returning to to her birth place and she is coming with numerous baggage for each of her multiple personalites.  After spending the past year or two in Los Angeles selp promoting herself as the Perfect Perky Prono Princess ("PPPP")she have returned to offer herself to Bostonian hobbyests who lust for the California GFE.  Buyers Beware!  You never know which Heather (aka PPPP) will be behind the door when you arrive for you appointment (assuming she keeps it or she does not summarrily dismiss you as not be acceptable for the PPPP.)  I have met the PPPP and have previously reported my experience with her on this Board.  Needless to say it was a negative expereience that I will never forget.  She is not a GFE but an EWE (ex wife experience) and the PPPP actually stands for Perfect Promoting Psycho Princess.  I do not write to this Board offen, but when I see Heather's name and her all too cute postings, the blood rushs to my fingers to respond to her postings.  I have spent $$$$$$$  on this hobby over the past few years (I am 51) and have never been treated as shabbily by any provider as Heather  attacked and humiliated me, for no reason, when I came for my one and only appointment with her. My current GFE provider (aka Adorable)thanks Heather for throwing me out.  "Adorable" was my rebound from the the Heather experience and we both laugh at her expense each time we meet. I have no ill will towards Boston (in fact I am posting this reply to warn you ), but with threat of electricity black outs, earthquakes, fires and mud slides, California would be a better place if Heather stayed in Boston.

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Dear HBXXX, I once tried to get into club HBXXX, drove to Burbank from OC only to be kicked out and accused of being LE.  I respectfully left (I'm understanding), and later called to appoligize, there was some sort of mis-communication on the phone and you seemed to get even madder with me.  Confused, I thought I needed to appoligize again, this time by e-mail.  Then I got a call from you agreeing on a date.  I got right into my car and drove to Burbank again, only to have you change your mind and turn me away AGAIN.  Gas prices are too much.  I hope you can understand the hobbiest's point of view, I won't say psycho-b#@!*, but happy mothers' day.  Can I finally get that date now?

It is absolutley amazing what the board readers can come up with as entertainment. I really thought I had done something wrong but in reality, I have brought something out that was not only amusing as hell, but informative also. Now, I do not have all the answers and have never claimed to, but I do think that I am calling it like I see it. and it is pretty damn funny in the last few posts!--modified by neverwuz at Mon, May 14, 2001, 20:05:29

The only difference was I had seen HBXXX for one lovely session. I called up and set an appointment for another about 2 months later. On the way to her place I called to confirm I was coming over. I got this irrational dose of S**t over the phone and turned around before I had wasted and hour and 3 gallons of gas. The term psychob***h does seem to fit. Too bad - she seemed very hot and I was hoping to get the inaugural cruise with her "new puppies" (the 36DD kind).

This is a correction on my earlier posting. It appears I am not the only member in Heather's Non Fan Club. I think I should redefine PPPP  to stand for "Perfect Promoting Psycho Princess".  Now I have call that PR firm to get tee shirts for the Club, I smell and new emerging business opportunity here.

1. Explicit email2. Explicit phone calls3. Show up on drugs or drunk4. Give me a phone # that doesn't work or is out of serviceAnyone I didn't see, did one of the above. If you get explicit on the phone or provide information that doesn't checkout or isn't consistent with information you've given on a prior phone call, then don't start whining like a little piggly wiggly on this board about me not wanting your business. If you show up without ID and $40 short after you've driven 20 miles, then that's your own neglect. My rates and ID policy are listed on my web site and I do tell everyone new that calls me what it takes to get together.

oh, also, do not dis her...or try and make jokes, her cellphone has a nasty habit of turning a joke into something personal...LOLdo not argue with her by using logic, she will change her mind...but remember males are always wrong even when we are right.LOLwait, is this HBXXX or an old girlfreind? I think... well, (pauses) OH I AM SOOOOO CONFUSED!!!!

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1.  Go on the boards and reveal confidential information about your clients like the names of their pets or occupations.2.  Make fun of clients on TER after they spent their hard earned money on you and gave you a fair but not glowing review.3.  Raise your rates frequently because you can.4.  Take deposits for appointments and cancel at last minute, not returning the money.Did I miss anything?

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Yes, HBXXX's requirements are many and stringent, and even after following them all I still was burned, TWICE!

Escorting is a fee based service, kewl enough.  So are marketing and advertising - the things Heather is asking us to do for free.  Heather, if you want the support of an established customer in helping with a single client (eg send a private mail) that's great.  Asking people on a public board to advertise for you is different...and that's exactly what you are doing, no matter how you couch the request.The only advertising you have the right to ask for on these boards is honest reviews.  I own a business, and would never ask my happy customers to smooth over my unhappy ones.Although I have never seen you, I have read your reviews and believe that Bostonians can do the same and make their own judgements.That said, I'll now hide under my desk in the fetal position waiting for the flames to stop.$.02.  Temp

It is VERY important for you to realize that, unfortunately,  there is no friendship or sympathy when there is money on the table.  Having said that, it would seem that your Bostonian has evaluated his position improperly, as have you.

Dobson7917 reads

I got the idea from Tempu007.....my fee for marketing is $400/hr or $700 for 2 hours.  Which would you prefer Heather?  I'd go for the 2 hour because it might take me a while to think of enough positive things to say.Thanks Temp.

I would right a reveiw but I was turned down, so how can I write a review? At least, I don't charge.

I don't know Dob, better be a BFE at those rates. ROFLMAO

Dobson8108 reads

I can guarantee it'll be a BFE.  Tell me again what the BF means?

Nicole Of So Cal10612 reads

BFE, Now what does that term mean?? I think since you will be on the recieving (at least from the logical perspective of the role) end of the BF experience you might not want to know, Dobson! Isnt that short hand for a type of Greek??

JP10540 reads

--modified by JP at Fri, May 18, 2001, 03:09:03

Nicole Of So Cal8658 reads

Yes, however, I think Dobson may have been twisting the meaning just a bit here. A little literary license, shall we say. Or literary licentiousness. I just decided to bring it back around his way! LOL

...lest you find your obvious keen wit outshining your equally obvious other attributes.  But mine are simply words spoken (written) by one who finds that sort of thing very appealing.

MartinLuther11454 reads

a city in Egypt!LMps-Now I know what those white oval stickers with BFE in themreally mean!

Dobson7585 reads

Sometimes I can be so Damn subtle that I miss the point myself.  Right on the mark Nicole.......you're my kind of woman.....LOL

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